Exciting News! Wendell Potter’s Journalism Project (Tarbell) to Educate Us About Important Issues!

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By Meg Helgert, FNP

Wendell Potter will bring to light new information regarding the millions of dollars flowing between health insurance companies and politicians on the Hill. This is where Citizens United will need to be brought down and illuminate the kind of pressure lobbyists bring to bear on our government officials. Money much of us do not have to peddle influence. He has been leader in a large health insurance company and saw firsthand people waiting in line for hours to get free health care which changed his mind forever regarding what needs to be done.

Check out RJ Eskow’s video interview with Wendell Potter on youtube!

I highly recommend health care providers donate to Tarbell and help shape health care policy along the way.  (Twitter  and Facebook )!

Why the name, Tarbell?

Their guiding spirit is Ida Minerva Tarbell, one of the most important journalists in American history. Ida was the first of a group of early 20th century “muckrakers.” Their investigative reporting of the corporate titans of the Gilded Age contributed to the forced breakup of huge monopolies and also to important antitrust laws and campaign finance reforms. They aim to do her proud.

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