What Happens with Medical Improv in a Room Full of Nurses?

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Catching my breath after returning from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and presenting a Medical Improv workshop that focused on building emotional intelligence for Patient-centered Care at the International Nursing Symposium.  The symposium was part of the Security Forces Hospital’s initiative to improve Patient Experience and took place in the vast city of Riyadh!

What an enriching experience!

And you know, there ARE cultural differences!  But get a room full of nurses and we can get to the heart of some of our communication challenges while having fun pretty quickly. And this group was especially diverse with nurses from Ireland, the Philippines, the United Kingdom, Scotland, Africa, the Chech Republic, Saudi and more! Even if the teacher’s native language, in this case, English, was most people’s second language!

There was laughter, learning, and cooperation! Big time!

Nurses from everywhere know what it is like to provide service work that requires skill and knowledge beyond which many understand or appreciate.  And which involves frequent tragedy and loss and chronically excessive workloads.  With these and other challenges acknowledged, new territory can be forged! That is exactly what happens with Medical Improv in a room full of nurses!

What did participating nurses have to say?

  • The activities are fun and mind-exercising!
  • You’re learning and at the same time enjoying productive activities!
  • Taught me to understand another’s perspective!
  • I learned that if you want to be heard you have to learn to listen!
  • Very thought-provoking.  Really made me think how simple gestures/communication are so vital to our patients!

And soon”Medical Improv:  A New Way To Improve Communication” (With 15 activities you can teach STAT!) will be available.  This is a train-the-trainer resource! Nurses all over the world (literally) will be able to teach Medical Improv and promote skills associated with emotional intelligence, communication, teamwork, and leadership! This will lead to safer, compassionate, more cost-effective care and long-term, rewarding careers. Read this preview by Mayo Clinic Nurse Educator, Kelly Wise!

If you’d like to receive a special notice and discount send me an email (beth@bethboynton.com).

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