The Force is Gathering for Positive Change in Healthcare!

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Ready or not, positive change is coming in healthcare! As you might know, I just returned from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia where I presented my first international workshop on Medical Improv to help with patient experience and workforce health. WHOA! That was quite an experience!  Then a colleague sent me a link to the inaugural “Compassion in Action” conference coming to Boston in June!  It caught my eye and I’m going for three BIG reasons:

  1. Compassion as a priority in healthcare is the way it should be, right?  How exciting that a three-day conference this big will focus on it!
  2. Themes include patient experience AND workforce wellbeing.  Combining these two in the same conference tells me they mean business.  Supporting the workforce is essential for any positive change!
  3. Many of the presentations are interactive and experiential.  Lots of learning and engagement going on in this realm!

Did I say three reasons?  

Well, there are a lot more!  Visionary speakers are coming from all over the world! Whether you go or not, please check out the webpages!  Just knowing about it feels hopeful!

And if you do go, maybe I’ll see you there!

The Schwartz Center is dedicated to strengthening the human connection at the heart of healthcare. 

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