“Voices from the Field” Medline Series on Medical Improv

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A little over two years ago, I started some “Guestblogging” for Medline on the emerging field of Medical Improv.  The series provides a great overview of the topic for those interested in understanding why we need it and how powerful it can be.  Here is a quick way for you to peruse articles! And if you want a deeper dive, check out the first train-the-trainer resource for healthcare leaders;  Medical Improv:  A New Way to Improve Communication (With 15 Activities You Can Teach STAT!)

Looking at Patient Safety through a Different Lens Read here.

Emotional Intelligence & Interpersonal Skills are Underlying Causes of Key Issues. Read here.

Optimizing Outcomes & Approach Change Differently this Year through Medical Improv Read here.

Breaking Through Status Conflict wth Medical Improv Read here. 

Healing Relationships for Healthcare Improvement-Part I-We Need an Overhaul Read here.

Healing Relationships for Healthcare Improvement-Part II-What’s Going On Between Us?  Read here.

Healing Relationships for Healthcare Improvement-Part III-What is Neuroplastiicy & How Can it Help? Read here.

One New Way to Make Collaboration Skills Stick Read here.

De-Stress and Improve Communication with Medical Improv. Read here.

Five Ways Medical Improv Can Help Nurses Talk about Death & Dying Read here.

Have you tried using improv in your workplace?  What is working and what challenges do you face?  What ideas do you have for this exciting new teaching tool?  I’d love to hear from you and happy to answer questions!

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