Nurse Becomes Patient in Traumatic Gym Injury-Catch this Train & Help Keith Carlson, BSN, RN, NC-BC

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Our highly respected and compassionate colleague, Nurse Coach and Author Keith Carlson is recovering from a major traumatic injury.  And he has a long rehab ahead of him.  WE KNOW THIS!

Skip the story and jump on the train to help!

Don’t skip the story, tell us what happened!

Earlier in July, Keith was doing his usual workout at a local gym including cardio, weights, and resistance training.  He was deep into his usual process when he heard a sound and then instantaneously felt a searing pain in my left ankle as he fell to the floor.

…the metal anchor for the bungee cords had torn from the wall as I did my usual exercise, and this 18-inch piece of molded sheet metal flew at me with all of the pent up force of those six tensed rubber tubes. It guillotined the lateral aspect of my left lower leg just above the lateral malleolus.  -Keith Carlson

More from Keith about this. 

Extensive surgery followed and some kind but questionable care too.  (no nurse checked his pedal pulse for 48 hours post-op and the surgeon tried to force him to be discharged on a Sunday at 5pm, despite ongoing pain, dizziness, nausea, and a home completely unprepared for a disabled patient).  Makes me furious!

WE KNOW THIS stuff happens TOO!  UGH!

There’s a way we can help locally or nonlocally!

Meal Train to Help

Santa Fe locals can sign up to deliver meals, and non-locals can make donations or buy gift cards for Santa Fe restaurants or grocery stores.

This is a great idea to know about for others too, right?

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