How The Law Of Attraction Might help Nurses and Patients!

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by Rebecca Temsen 

You may have heard of the law of attraction before. It’s not something new and really got famous when author Rhonda Byrne released the book ‘The Secret’ which gained huge popularity. The same principals can be used if you’re a patient or nurse. Here are some simple ways to take advantage of this and attract what you want to in life.

Physical vs. Nonphysical

The Law of Attraction can be seen as something spiritual with nonphysical laws. This may be hard for someone to grasp that is not open to understanding the aspects of a universal consciousness. Someone who is focused on the physical.

A physical cause is not always the reason for your current condition. Emotions play a huge role in the direction of your life. If you feel that you are going nowhere, then that is what you will attract.

Resisting Change

If you want to manifest change, you must feed it. When you think about your desired outcome, is there a distance between the present and the future? Does this “future” appear to be far? 

Focusing on feelings of self-pity and self-victimization, or thoughts of “If this happens.”, “It would be nice if blank.”, “I would really like it if blank, but it doesn’t seem likely.”, “Too good to be true.”, and “Someday this will happen”, is counterproductive and harmful.

This not only makes what you are trying to manifest feel distant, but it also kills your desire and determination. Causing you to retreat and give up. There is power in words and the mind.

Helpful Law of Attraction Tools

A Nurse could aid a patient by focusing their conversations on what a patient wants to be and feel. Introducing two vision boards, one for long term goals and another for short term goals. The creation of these boards will help with visualization, but it won’t do the manifestation.

Positive Affirmations

Good feelings can attract the resolution that you want. Be aware of your emotions. You will receive what you focus your energy on.

“I am healthy.”, “Each day I feel myself getting closer to my desired goals.”, and “I am grateful.” are positive affirmations that could be difficult for some to say. Definitely given their current circumstances. But it is the feeling of gratefulness as you are now, and the release of fear and doubt, that allows you to have no resistance to the desired outcome.

The majority of the time, we have our own schedule that we set for what we think needs to happen. But there are reasons for certain events to take place. Other people around you that you affect, may also have a role that they need to play. Being supplementary to the growth and the strength that is gained for all parties involved.

From Experience

Sometimes we call for a type of change that we may not be in the proper mindset for. From my own experiences, I wanted things to happen right then and there. I would often have positive affirmations, until something I was looking forward to didn’t play out the way I was hoping.

Once I had a letdown, I fell back into a discouraged state. Saying, “This doesn’t work.” or “It won’t happen.”. This caused a lot of unnecessary pain. My desire had an underlining disbelief that I could truly reach my goal, and I didn’t let myself realize that I am deserving of good health and abundance.

It wasn’t until I truly allowed myself to let go and continue with the belief that I was on the right path. Know that things are heading in the direction that they should. Eliminating the need to control the course of my own mental timeline, and allowing things to unravel in divine time.

I began to see sparks of abundance in different areas of my life and continued to practice my positive affirmations while feeling grateful each day. There are many people who practice the Law of Attraction and receive successful results. This is why the idea of it helping to aid in changing a condition may be a useful technique in healing.


As a nurse or patient, it might be hard to be positive and optimistic. I hope these tips will encourage you and make your journey that much easier. If after all this, you still don’t attract what you want, take comfort in knowing that the change in mindset will still do you a world of good and may ease your suffering in this time of distress.

Author’s Bio:

Rebecca is an author, entrepreneur and most of all a wife and mother of 2. What she enjoys the most is helping normal people reach their full potential. Rebecca uses her ever growing skills in writing to inspire people and not settle for a normal life. As an entrepreneur, she has no shortage of failures and that is why Rebecca is the ideal person to talk about this.  Learn more at Rebecca’s website: and Facebook pag 

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