Article Highlighting Alan Alda’s Work in Communicating Science & The Emerging Field of Medical Improv

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I’m honored to have “Medical Improv: A New Way to Improve Communication”  be referenced in Jude Treder-Wolff’s recent article,  Creating A Climate For Communication In Science and Medicine Through Improvisation

Here is an excerpt to pique your interest.  I think you will find it straightforward and compelling.

In his new book If I Understood You, Would I Have This Look On My Face? Alan Alda describes a troubling interaction with an oral surgeon that took place minutes before a procedure was about to begin.

“The dentist had the sharp end of the blade inches from my face. It was only then that he chose to tell me what he was seconds away from doing to my mouth. ‘There will be some tethering.’

I froze. Tethering? My mind was racing. What does he mean? How could the word tethering apply to my mouth? He seemed impatient and I didn’t want to annoy him, but he was, after all, about to put a scalpel in my mouth. I asked him what he meant by tethering. He looked surprised, as if I should know the meaning of a simple word. ‘Tethering, tethering!” he said.”   Read the complete article here.

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