Compassion in Action is Thriving Despite Political Chaos in Healthcare USA!

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Healthcare professionals at all levels, in all disciplines, and in all areas of our country continue to provide care while politicians and consumers discuss problems and solutions re: our extraordinarily complex system.

Finding a beacon of light that focuses on what many of us hold dear is something worth shouting about, right?

Over 500 nurses, doctors, social workers, patient advocates and other professionals attended the 3-day inaugural “Compassion in Action” conference in Boston, MA this past June.  That says something, right?

“Now more than ever our healthcare system needs to focus on what matters,” said Andrew Shin, JD, MH, Senior Director of Policy and Strategic Partnerships. “If we lose the human connection at the heart of healthcare, then we will continue to see rising burnout among our workforce and stagnate in our efforts to improve quality, meaningfully engage patients and families and improve the overall health of our communities.”

And guess what, lots of the talks are available on the Schwartz Center FB page!

Don’t these titles sound inspiring?  Something to bookmark when you need a bit of inspiration?

Lots of reasons to keep The Schwartz Center on your radar!

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