Looking for More Joy in Your Nursing Career? “Aspire to Be Inspired” is a Book that Can Help!

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Whether you are just beginning your career or are feeling like you could use some support to thrive in your practice, Keith Carlson’s new book, Aspire to Be Inspired:  Creating a Nursing Career That Matters will help you take positive steps forward.

And you deserve a healthy and happy career.  We all do!

I’ve known Keith virtually for several years now and have watched him build his own business as a consultant, author, coach, and podcaster.  Everything he does is filled with a sense of purpose that includes helping us become our best selves.  This includes a solid underlying belief that nurses are smart and capable professionals who can impact our profession and the healthcare system in big ways.  He’ll challenge you to take ownership of your career path and realize your own potential.  He believes in you. In us. In nursing!

Some of my favorite chapters were:

  • Your Wild and Precious Nursing Career
  • Your Nursing Career and a Latte
  • Half Full or Half Empty?
  • Got Soul, Nurses?

And there are lots more!

If you want to take action steps to be a happier and healthier nurse, check out the book and take a few minutes to learn more about his work. You’ll find links to his newsletter, podcasts, and coaching services at Nursekeith.com

Thanks for all you do, Keith!

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One Response to Looking for More Joy in Your Nursing Career? “Aspire to Be Inspired” is a Book that Can Help!

  1. Beth, your kindness knows no bounds. Thank you for your thoughtful words, your recognition of my mission as a nurse coach, and for the ways in which you inspire nurses and healthcare professionals to be their best selves in the world!

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