A Disturbing Conversation Between Nurse Leaders!

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***(I’m changing the details to protect privacy.)***

A few days ago, I was sitting with two men, both nurse leaders for LTC facilities.  Bob, Bill, and I were discussing patient-centered care with respect to personal care preferences.

Bob:  “Mr. Jones is a Man’s Man. He only wants a female CNA.”

Me: “If I were a CNA I would be uncomfortable with that.”

Bill:  “Its your job.  You’d just have to do it”

Me:  “What about my safety?’ Awkward pause.  

They remained silent and seemed stunned by my question.

Me:  “I have a right to be safe.  You could send two females in to bathe him”

Bill:  “Then you”d be quicker, I suppose.”

Me:  “That works!”

***(End of conversation)***.

I was glad I pushed the issue and wish I didn’t have to. The outcome was ok, but the power struggle felt palpable.

This oppression is feeling very old. Click To Tweet

Did they not realize the vulnerability they would (or at least might) put the CNA in?  Did they not care?

The roots of many errors, burnout, poor patient experience, workplace violence, and wasted resources are all connected to this mentality.






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