All @ Medical Improv-Tweetchat Tonight-9:30p ET @HTreads

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Join us tonight? Ideas for improv activities in a tweet chat venue?

I’ll be a guest on Healthtech Reads to talk about Medical Improv with Janae Sharp and Lan Nguyan.

Lan, Cofounder of ManageUP PRM is giving away a gift card and I am giving away 3 books!

@HTreads on Twitter at 9:30 pm EST.
Here’s the link

These are some of the questions we’ll be chatting up!

  • How can improv improve healthcare?
  • Cases from the book or the field?
  • Who should lead improv at a hospital?
  • Would it work in places you’ve worked or received care?
  • Quote from book and prompt from conversation:  “I had to work overtime when my kids were little!”
  • How is social behavior affected by autonomic nervous system?
  • What kind of messages do we give off without knowing?

Excerpt from:  Medical Improv: A New Way to Improve Communication

We are social animals; complicated, beautiful, imperfect, and ever-changing. We are all learning from our life experiences and each other as we grow and mature along our life paths!–Beth B0ynton, RN, MS

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