Promising Statistics For The Nursing Profession

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by Tim Becker

The number of students entering a nursing program has increased significantly over the last 15 years. Although some may worry about market saturation, there’s good reason to believe the nursing profession is a solid career choice that will continue to have many available positions.  For example, the fact that salaries of nurses is increasing is a positive sign that this vital career is here to stay.  (Note: Infographic follows post.)


While nursing is was one of the most rewarding professions available, that doesn’t mean that the level of stress and the amount of work involved is easy to handle. There may still be a ways to go with compensation but in 2016 the nursing profession saw an increase in pay for both registered nurses and licensed practical nurses.


Other promising statistics show that work conditions may be improving for many nurses across the country. In a field where overtime hours are often considered fairly normal, statistics are showing a decrease in the number of them worked for 2016.

Union Representation

Unfortunately, the majority of registered nurses and licensed practical nurses remain without any union representation. The rise of salaries and decreased overtime hours are a positive sign for the profession, yet with so many nurses lacking representation through a union, it will likely be a difficult battle for most.

The outlook for the nursing profession looks great though. If there was  ever a time to enter the field, with the rise in salary and current needs of the county, this is definitely it!

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