From Visionary Idea to State of the Art Program! AON 5-Nurses Week 2018

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Elizabeth Scala, MSN/MBA and I have known each other for a few years now and have enjoyed collaborating on a few projects. I recall when she was just starting out with her entrepreneurial dreams, a path I had been on for a while.  She reached out after seeing the Youtube on Interruption Awareness and was attending a conference near my home.  We met for lunch. I remember it was a beautiful, warm, sunny, Fall day!

We share a passion for supporting the nursing workforce and hit it off right away! Click To Tweet

Here we are, two kindred spirit nurse entrepreneurs from different generations walking around town a few years ago and chatting up a storm.

Elizabeth had a brilliant idea! She wanted to create a virtual continuing education program that inspired nurses, would be easily accessible even during work schedules, (but not disrupting work), provide Contact Hours, and be cost-effective for individuals and organizations.

She knew there would be ways to make the technology work for individual nurses across all shifts and the full spectrum of nurse practice organizations.

Sooooo, she decided to record interviews with nurse leaders, host evening wrap-up calls, create a workbook, get approval for CEs and make the package available during Nurses Week. She called it the “Art of Nursing” (AON) and scheduled releases of videos with live evening wrap-up calls for each day of Nurses Week.  (I was thrilled to be one of the faculty.)

And now, here we are 5 years later and Elizabeth has built one of the most sophisticated, progressive, and meaningful continuing education programs for nurses that I know of.

(Admittedly, I have a bias in that I’m returning this year to celebrate AON 5 and showcase work on Medical Improv.  But just for kicks, put that aside for a minute and check out her AON 5 website.


Celebrate Nurses Week with an Educational and Inspiring Program

Don’t you think it is spectacular?

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