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Beth Boynton, RN, MS, Author, Medical Improv: A New Way to Improve Communication, (CreateSpace, 2017), Successful Nurse Communication:  Safe Care, Healthy Workplaces, & Rewarding Careers, F.A. Davis Publishing Co., 2015 and Confident Voices: The Nurses’ Guide to Improving Communication & Creating Positive Workplaces, CreateSpace, 2009. 

Beth is a nurse, author, international speaker, and Medical Improv practitioner who uses experiential activities from applied/medical improv and expert facilitation to teach communication, collaboration, & leadership.  She is passionate about contributing to healthy cultures, relationships, and teams necessary for providing safe, compassionate, and cost-effective care.  She has written extensively on the need to develop human interactive skills and publishes the award-winning “Confident Voices in Healthcare” Blog.

BB closer Headshot 1-13 Cherations

Ph:  603-205-3509

Portsmouth, NH/Boston, MA


MS in Organization & Management-Antioch New England Graduate School-2003

BS in Biochemistry, Minor: Theatre and Communications, University of New Hampshire-1981

AD Nursing, New Hampshire Technical Institute-1986

Adjunct & Contributing Faculty Roles

  • Nursing Excellence Continuing Education Services
  • Pedagogy Online Learning Systems
  • University of Florida
  • New England College
  • Antioch University
  • Macintosh College

Special Projects

  • Developing medical or applied improv programing for experiential teaching that builds communication, collaboration, and leadership skills associated with key outcomes:  eg patient safety, patient experience, staff engagement, efficient use of resources, diversity, and more.
  • Completed Indiegogo campaign called “Improvoscopy:  Serious Play for Safe Care“. Funding will support the creation of an online teaching library using medical improv activities to build EQ, Communication, Teamwork, & Leadership.  It will be free to all healthcare professionals and organizations!
  • Strategic Consultant, ManageUp Personnel and Resource Management (PRM) Software as a Service (SaaS) since Spring 2015.
  • Blog Duet Series with Patient Advocate & Author, Martine Ehrenclou, Real Stories from the Streets of Healthcare, Spring 2015.
  • Publisher/Blogger, “Confident Voices in Healthcare“, multiple articles since 2012.
  • Led project for 100 min video:  “Medical Improv:  Exploring Learning Experiences that Promote Safe Care, Patient Satisfaction, & Rewarding Careers“, with Stephanie Frederick, Judy White, and seven national experts,  Summer 2013
  • Developed and presented workshop, “Improv for Healthcare Professionals”, Spring 2013.  (Testimonials).
  • Co-produced Root Cause Analysis video with Bob Latino, CEO of Reliability, Inc,“RN Medication Error”, released May, 2012.
  • “Confident Voices for Safer, Kinder Healthcare”, Blog created Jan 2012, with 2-3x/week postings at . Approved as authoritative content for Licensed Syndicaiton, 5/2012 with Newstex.  Confident Voices in Healthcare, Collaborating for Safer, Kinder Care, numerous publications and ongoing.
  • Produced, edited and published 12 minute YouTube and  developed 75 min workshop:   “Interruption Awareness:  A Nursing Minute for Patient Safety”.
  • Workshop developed and presented at NYU Steinhardt Forum on Theatre of Public Health, Spring 2011.
  • Received special honors Leadership Award from Dorland Health editorial team, 11/2010
  • Wrote, directed, and produced 30 minute CD, “Conflict Coach -Walking on Eggshells:  A Case Involving Covert Abuse”, for nurse leaders who must address horizontal violence in their team, Summer/2009.
  • Wrote and led design, formatting and editing specialists to publish book, Confident Voices:  The Nurses’ Guide to Improving Communication & Creating Positive Workplaces, a 210 page book with discussion questions, reflection questions, complete index that was reviewed by over 30 nurses in various specialties throughout the U.S. Published 5/2009.
  • Designed and implemented  “Validation Protocol” for online dialogue process involving controversial issues in healthcare administration graduate students, 2007-2008.
  • Designed and publish monthly eNewsletter, “Confident Voices for Nurses:  The Resource for Creating Positive Workplaces”, includes articles by healthcare professionals, op-eds, communication challenges, quotes and news sections all devoted to support the nursing profession and care delivery systems.  Originated Spring/2008.
  • Developed listening model for healthcare professionals called, GRRRR for Great Communication, pneumonic stands for:  Greeting, Respectful listening, Review of information, Recommend or Request more info, and Reward, 2007
  • Created and author, a quarterly column addressing workplace issues in communication and conflict, American Nurse Association-ME Journal, originated: Winter 2008.
  • Developed and implemented model that uses theater games to build emotional intelligence in youth.  This originated as a practicum in graduate school and evolved into weeklong summer day camps and a Service Learning grant project with the York, ME school system. 2002-2005


  • Medical Improv:  An Effective Strategy for Developing Critical Interpersonal Skills November,  2017, Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center.
  • Medical Improv: An experiential teaching strategy for developing critical interpersonal skills associated with patient safety, patient experience, workforce health, & cost-effectiveness! Endnote for National Aging Services Risk Management Annual Conference, October,  2017.
  • Introducing Medical Improv as an Experiential Strategy for Developing Critical Interpersonal Skills in Nurses, The Art of Nursing Education Activity Date: May 7-10, 2018
  • Medical Improv: An Exciting Way to Improve Communication, New England Holistic Nursing 7th Annual Conference, September 14, 2017.
  • Medical Improv:  A New Way to Develop Emotional Intelligence, Promote Patient-centered Care, & Build Positive Inter-professional Relationships. International Nursing Symposium, Security Forces Hospital, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.  April 10 & 11, 2017.
  • Introducing Medical Improv: An Experiential Teaching Method for Improving Communication, Collaboration, & Leadership, Rutgers Medical School, December, 8, 2016.
  • Medical Improv to Improve Healthcare Communication & Collaboration, General Session for 26th Annual New England Regional Healthcare Risk Management Conference, May 1, 2016.
  • Exploring the Deeper Work of Teaching Communication:  Webinar Series sponsored by F. A. Davis Publishing Co.
  • Using Medical Improv to Teach Communication and Interpersonal Skills, Endnote session at Niagra University, School of Nursing, Conference on “Innovations in Nursing Education”, Sept, 2015. (Testimonial)
  • How to Use Medical Improv to Improve Healthcare Communication, 1 Hour session open to public, Portsmouth, NH Public Library, August, 2015.
  • 4 Essential Communication Strategies that Promote Patient Safety, 2 Contact Hour Online Continuing Education Course, Pedagogy Online Learning Systems, March 2015.
  • Medical Improv:  An Out-of-the-Box Solution for the People Skills We Need, 45 min Podcast/Webinar, National Association of Independent Medical Practices, Feb, 2015.
  • Disclosure, Transparency, and Compassion following Medical Errors and Adverse Events:  The Responsible Path to Healing.  1 hour/1 CEU Webinar with Leilani Schweitzer, Patient Liaison, Stanford Healthcare, CA and AHC Media.  11/13/2014.
  • Revealing Flaws in Care Coordination:  A CEO’s Undercover Experience.  1 hour/1 CEU Webinar with Lynn McVey, COO, Meadowland Hospital, NJ and AHC Media. 10/1/2014
  • The Challenging Practice of Giving & Receiving Constructive Feedback: An Essential Skill for Nurse Preceptors. Full day workshop approved for 6.5 CEUs with 35 Nurse Preceptors at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center.  4/2014.
  • Practicing the The importance of Communication in Practicing the Art of Nursing (0.75 CEUs)-Recorded presentation with Elizabeth Scala’s “Art of Nursing” Virtual Conference.  Spring 2014.
  • Webinar with Dr. Kenneth Cohn, MD, MBA, “Medical Improvisation for Harried Healthcare Professionals”, 1 Hour- 11/2013.
  • Google + Event-Featured Presenter: “Medical Improv:  Exploring Learning Opportunities that Promote Safe Care, Patient Satisfaction, and Rewarding Careers”, Co-presenter, Stephanie Frederick, M.Ed, RN, sponsored by The Infusion Group with Judy White, SPHR, GPHR, HCS, July 2013.
  • InterCoast College, Nursing Program Instructors, Full Day, “Nurse Instructors as Leaders:  Promoting Professionalism & Optimizing Student Success”, June, 2013.
  • Medical Improv Training, Northwestern University, Feinberg School of Medicine, 15 min teaching spot in train the trainer program, “Overload”, June, 2013.
  • Independent Workshop,  2 hours “Imrpov for Healthcare Professionals”, May 2013.
  • New Hampshire Organization of Nurse Leaders, Monthly Meeting, “The Complexity of Assertiveness”, 90 min, Concord, NH, 4/13.
  • Advance Job Fair & Continuing Education Event, “Bullying in the Workplace:  Can We Talk?”, 90 minute session, Cromwell, CT, 3/13.
  • Guest on RN.FM radio, anniversary show, 2/13, topic, “The Complexity of Assertiveness”.
  • Wardwell Assisted Living, Saco, ME, 5/17/2012, “Keeping our Workplace Free from Bullying”, 2 hours
  • Ambulatory Surgery Center Association, 2012 Annual Convention, Dallas, TX, “Dealing with Bullying in the Workplace”, 60 min.
  • Radio interview with Viki Kind, of Kind Ethics, 30 min talk on: “Improving Healthcare with Communication”, 2/23/2012.
  • New Hampshire Nurses Association Fall Conference,  Confident Communications for Creating Positive Workplaces, 10/2011.
  • Independent/Public Nurse Workshop & Video Project:  Interruption Awareness: A Nursing Minute for Patient Safety, Sponsored by Jubiliation Studio, 9/2011,(YouTube pending).
  • Disruptive Behavior Among Physicians and Nurses, a critical interviewed by Patricia Ayer, MSN, RN, LNCC, for Avoid Medical Errors Inner Circle, with Alan Rosenstein, MD, MBA, Spring, 2011.
  • New York University Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, & Human Development, Forum on Theatre for Public Health, Workshop:   “Unsing Improv to Develop Communication & Collaboration in Healthcare Professionals”, 4/2011.
  • Dorland Health Case in Point Webinar, Faculty/Lecture: “Cumulative Stress:  Reversing the Trend in Healthcare Professionals-Strategies to Enhance Employee and Organizational Health, 3/2011.
  • Oncology Nursing Society, NY, Southern Tier Chapter, ONS Nurse Leaders as Change Agents:  Improving Communication & Creating Collaborative Cultures in Nurse Practice Settings, Parts I & II, 2/2011.
  • University of Florida, Forensic Science for Nurses, Guest Speaker:  Workplace Bullying in Healthcare, 11/2010.
  • Case Management Society of New England, Endnote Address: Inspiring the Nurse Within You, 9/2010.
  • Washington State Nurses Association, Leadership Conference, Keynote Address:  Nurse Leaders as Champions for Change, 9/2010.
  • Washington State Nurses Association, Leadership Conference, Endnote Address:  Releasing the Nurse Within You, 9/2010.
  • Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, Perioperative Nursing, Breakout session: Inspiring OR Staff to Promote Positive Workplaces, 09/2010.
  • University of Florida, Forensic Science for Nurses, Faculty/Lecture: Workplace Violence with Emphasis on Nurse Incidence, recorded 8/2009 for repeated use.
  • New Hampshire Nurses Association & The Center for Professional Development at New Hampshire Technical Institute, Breakout session:  Inspiring the Nurse Within You, 6/2010.
  • Association of periOperative Registered Nurses, Ann Arbor Chapter, Half-day workshop, Improved Quality of the OR Patients’ Care Through Effective Communication and Assertiveness, 3/2010.
  • Rome Memorial Hospital, (NY) Nurse Leaders, Half-day workshop, Inspiring Nurse Leaders to Create a Positive Workplace, 3/2010.
  • •Maine Healthcare Association, Full-day workshop:  Creating a Collaborative Culture, 12/2009.
  • Dorland Health Case in Point Webinar, Faculty/Lecture:  Conflict & Intimidation in Healthcare Settings:  How to Protect Patient Care and Defuse Hostile Behaviors, 11/2009.
  • Regis College, Graduate Clinical Nurse Specialist Program, Guest lecture:  Communication & Conflict in Healthcare, 10/2009.
  • New Mexico Hospital Association/New Mexico Organization of Nurse Executives, Breakout session:  Inspiring the Nurse/Healthcare Professional Within You, 9.2009.
  • Southeastern Gynecologic Oncology, Quarterly Staff Meeting/Change process:  Effective Communication & Collaborative Culture Among Healthcare Professionals, 9/2009.
  • Public Workshop (ME):  Understanding & Improving Workplace Dynamics, 6/2009
  • Aroostook Medical Center, (ME), Nurses’ week speaker: Inspiring the Nurse Within You, 5/2009
  • National Nursing Staff Development Organization, Texas Gulf Coast Affiliate, Full-day workshop:  Creating a Collaborative Culture, 4/2009.
  • American Nurses’ Association-ME, Best Practices Summit, Topic Speaker:  Listening, 4/2009
  • Seacoast Educational Services, (NH) Breakout session: Inspire the Nurse Within You, 3/2009.
  • Holistic Nurses Association, York, ME chapter, Guest Speaker:  Workplace Violence, 9/2008.
  • Public Workshop (NH), with Judy Ringer: Confident Voices:  A Workshop for Empowering Nurses, 2/2008 & 7/2008
  • Stafford County New Hampshire, 4 part series:  Creating a Collaborative Culture, 6/2008
  • Blue Hill Memorial Hospital, (ME), Half-day leadership workshop: Listening & Organizational Culture, 5/2008.
  • Maine Association of Healthcare Quality, Full-day workshop:  Communication &
  • Productive Conflict Management, 5/2008.
  • American Nurses’ Association-ME, Best Practices Summit, Poster presentation:  Whole Systems’ Approach to Teambuilding, 4/08
  • New Hampshire Department of Corrections, Full-day workshop: Emotional Intelligence for Correctional Officers, ^62006
  • New Hampshire on Training for Addictive Disorders, Using Creative Dynamics to Build Collaboration Skills in Youth, 2/2006

List of Publications (In addition to multiple blogposts at 

  • Use the Power of Words to Reduce Bullying of Nurses, KevinMD Guest Blog Post, 2/7/2016/
  • Optimizing Outcomes & Approaching Change Differently This Year Through Medical Improv Medline Blog Guest Post 1/25/2016
  • Emotional Intelligence and Interpersonal Skills are Underlying Causes of Key Issues, Medline Blog Guest Post, 1/20/2016.
  • Finding Your Path Along the Way, eBook chapter-Nurse Stories:  My Defining Moment, from Nursing@Simmons, May 2015.
  • Looking at Patient Safety Through a New Lens, Medline Blog, March, 2015
  • From Frustrated to Fulfilled: The Empowered Nurses’ System, Ed, Lorie Brown, RN, MN, JD, Contributing Author, “Nurse Empowerment through Assertiveness”, Spring 2015.
  • Interruption Awareness:  Complexity, Cost, and Problem-Solving for Case Managers”, Case in Point, May, 2012, Vol. 10, No. 4.
  • “Bullying Among Doctors & Nurses:  An Alarming Patient Safety Issue”, Avoid Medical Errors Magazine, 11/2011.
  • “Disruptive Behavior: Differences Between Physicians and Nurses What Case Managers Should Know”, with Alan Rosentstein, MD, MBA, 2011 Case In Point:  Salary and Trends Report, Dorland Health, 06/2011
  • “Nurse Leaders as Change Agents:  Are We Up to the Challenge?”,  Behavioral Health Central, 11/2010.
  • “With Confident Voices:  Solving Tough Communication & Conflict Issues in Nurse Practice Settings”, Q & A series, Behavioral Health Central, Summer/Fall 2010, Titles:
    • Frustrated Nurse Manger: Promoted nurse addresses bad blood with former co-workers
    • Punched Out, but Still On: Staff RN with Meal Break Dilemma
    • Worrying About the Next Call: Nurse Practice Manager Addresses Pattern of Sick Call.
    • Wishing for More Collaboration: Staff Nurse & Aggressive Doc
    • Running Out of Patience and in the Other Direction: Nurse Supervisor addresses overly dependent RN
    • Inspiring, but not sure why: School nurse tries to understand value of her role
    • New & Discouraged: New nurse deals with seasoned nurse bullies
    • Left Me Wondering: Nurse addresses back-biting colleagues
    • Skulking around the back door: Nurse instructor addresses boundary issues
  • Two Sides of Disruptive Behavior:  The How, Why, and What to Do About it”, Co-author: Alan Rosenstein, MD, MBA, Journal of the Association of Staff Physician Recruiters, Spring 2010, Vol 17, Issue 2.
  • Confident Voices:  The Nurses’ Guide to Improving Communication & Creating Positive Workplaces Edited by Bonnie Kerrick, BS, RN, Createspace, 5/2009.
  • “Practice Matters: How to Improve Your Listening Skills”, American Nurse Today, November/December, 2009, Volume 4, Number 9, HealthCom Media.
  • “No Innocent Bystanders: A Critical Building Block for Successful Good-Conduct Policies”, Online Exclusive, Dorland Health, 10/02/2009, Health/no-innocent-bystanders.html.
  • Confident Voices for Nurses: The Resource for Creating Positive Workplaces, monthly e- newsletter, self-published, ISBN: 1938:0550, originated May 2008.  Articles:
    • “Bully or Bullying:  A World of Difference Between Two Terms”, 11/2010.
    • “Staffing Shortages, Poor Communication & Workplace Violence:  What Should We Tell Consumers?”, 10/2010.
    •  “When Nurses Align Against Each Other:  A Quick Resource to Help Individuals Stop this Horizontal Abuse”, 6/2010.
    • “The Impact of Perceived Bullying:  A Student Nurse Shares Frustrations about National Leadership’s Use, (or Misuse) of Power”, with Elizabeth McPhee, 5/2010.
    • “What Do You Need?  Four Powerful Reasons to Ask Nurses”, 4/2010.
    • “Is an “I” Statement Right for this Conflict?  A Trick Question & Checklist for You”, 2/2010.
    • “How Healthy is Your Team?  5 Revealing Signs of a Collaborative Culture”, 1/2010.
    • “Is it O.K. If I Vent?  5 Points to Ponder Before Saying, “Sure!”, 6/2009.
    • “Conflict Readiness:  7 Reflection Questions to Prepare You for a Collaborative Approach”, 5/2009.
    • “Keep Breathing:  7 Empowering Tips for Receiving Feedback”, 4/2009.
    • “Nurses Time:  Revealing Valuable Elements in Everyday Practice”, 3/2009.
    • Enhancing Group Norms:  A Process Secret for Teachers, Managers & Team Leaders, 2-2009.
    • “No Innocent Bystanders:  3 Compelling Reasons for Incorporating TJC’s New Conduct Standard”, 1/2009.
    • “Establishing a Zero Tolerance for Abuse:  An Organization’s Rx for Trust”, 11/2008.
    • “Workplace Violence:  A Glossary of Abuse”, 7/2008.
    • “Tough Love:  7 Tips for Giving Constructive Feedback”, 5/2008
  • “The Nurse Who Said, “NO”: Fairytale, Nightmare or Collaborative Opportunity?”, Healthcare Review, Northeast Network, 5, 2008.
  • “Put a little GRRRR in your SBAR for GRRRReat Communication”, American Nurse Association- Maine Journal, Winter, 2008
  • “Structured Communication for Hand Offs: A Shift Toward Collaboration with Senders and Receivers of Critical Information”, Nurse Leader, Volume 5, Number 4, 8/2007.
  • “GRRRR: Creating a Two-Way Process for Structured Communication”, American Nurse Association-California, The Nurse’s Voice, Volume 12, Issue 1, March, April, 5/2007
  • “Changing Our Healthcare Culture: Fairy Tale, Nightmare or Strategic Vision”, American Nurse Association-Maine Journal, spring, 06.
  • “Managed Care’s Utilization Review: Basic Process Basic Problems”, Trial Bar News, Volume 18-Summer 1996.
  • “Analyzing IME Reports: Workers Compensation Claims”, National Medical-legal Journal, Volume 7, No. 4, 1996.

Clients and Affiliations

National Aging Services Risk Management

New England Holistic Nurses

Schwartz Center for Compassionate Care

Security Forces Hospital, Ryadh, Saudi Arabia

Rutgers Medical School

New England Regional Health Risk Management

National Association of Independent Medical Practices, NAIMP

American Healthcare Media

F.A. Davis Publishing Co. Inc.

Elizabeth Scala, Art of Nursing-Virtual Continuing Education Events

The Infusion Group, NC

Intercoastal College, ME

NH Organization of Nurse Leaders, NH

Merion Matters, PA

Ambulatory Surgery Center Association, VA

Wardwell Retirement Community, ME

Oncology Nursing Society, NY, Southern Tier Chapter

National Nurses in Business Association, FL

Washington State Nurses Association, WA

Michael Grossman, DM, MSN, RN, NEA-BC, CNML, Consultant/Owner at Nurse Leadership Builders, PA

Case Management Society of New England

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, PeriOperative Services, NH

New Hampshire Nurses’ Association/New Hampshire Technical Institution, NH

Marty Jacobs, President, Systems in Sync., VT

University of Florida, Forensic Science for Nurses

National Nursing Staff Development Organization, Gulf Coast Affiliate, Houston, TX

Alan Rosenstein, MD, MBA, Disruptive Behavior Specialist and Consultant, CA

Association of periOperative Registered Nurses, (AORN), MI, Ann Arbor Chapter

Rome Memorial Hospital, NY

Peter Smith, MBA, Organizational Development Consultant, Peter Smith Associates, ME

Seacare Health Services, NH

Maine Healthcare Association, ME

Regis College, MA

New Mexico Organization of Nurse Executives, NM

Southeastern Gynecologic Oncology, GA

Judy Ringer, President of Power & Presence, Aikido Master and Consultant

The Aroostook Medical Center, ME

United Way of the Greater Seacoast, NH

Holistic Nurses Association of America, ME

Maine Association for Quality Healthcare, ME

American Nurses Association-Maine

Organizational Development Learning Group, MA

York Diversity Forum, ME

Blue Hill Memorial Hospital, ME

City of Portsmouth, NH

Town of York, ME York, ME School System

UNH Cooperative Extension

Healthcare Management Consulting Group, ME

The Browne Center-UNH

NH Training Institute of Addictive Disorders

NH Department of Corrections Community Diversions Program, NH

Oyster River High School,

NH Caring Unlimited, ME Antioch University, NH

New England College, NH/ME McIntosh College, NH

Professional Work History

Fall-2003-present:  Self-employed organizational development consultant, author and national speaker specializing in communication, conflict, leadership and teambuilding issues in healthcare.

Fall-2005- present: Adjunct Faculty member with New England College. Additional teaching affiliations incl: McIntosh College, University of Florida and University of Southern Maine. Courses topics include: leadership, organizational communication, human resource issues in healthcare, workplace violence in nursing and experience with face-to-face, online and recorded teaching methods.

1998-Fall 2006: Occupational Health Nurse for Thermo Electron Corporation, Newington, NH. Provided expertise re: employee relations, risk management and loss prevention, workers compensation, short and long-term disability, employee health, safety and ergonomic issues.

1993-Present: Various part-time and per diem Home Health Nurse for Portsmouth Home Health, Integra Home Health & Hospice and Homemakers of Strafford County and staff RN at Clipper Harbor Rehabilitation facility in Portsmouth, NH.

1999-2001: Clinical Coordinator for Living Innovations, Portsmouth, NH. Managed small nursing and CAN staff and helped to develop small home health agency primary serving private pay and NH Medicaid clients. Position included quality assurance, grantwriting, direct care, and recruitment and retention. Developed career ladder program for CNAs.

1996-1999: Utilization Review Nurse and Case Manager for Liberty Mutual. Telephonic nurse case management and utilization review for workers’ compensation cases nationwide, included liaison with claims adjusters, physicians, allied health professionals, employer and employee.


Provided upon request.

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