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Passive, Aggressive, & Passive-aggressive Behaviors as a Consequence of Lack of Listening

Assertiveness is not only about speaking up, ironically it is also about listening and being heard. Being assertive means speaking up about your own needs while being respectful of others.  As such, there is an inherent relationship involved in any … Continue reading

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Third Door #5: Overheard Mean Conversation!

Originally published in on 2/22/2017 Dear Beth, I recently overheard a conversation among several home health nurses that I was uncomfortable with, and I’d like to hear your thoughts. Basically, one nurse was describing another nurse’s behavior with a … Continue reading

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 Why Selling Trumpcare with “Patient-Centered Care” Sickens the Primary Care Doctor

Op-ed by Kenneth Dolkart, MD Have you ever heard people talk nonsense about something you know about? Perhaps you’ve had a laugh when you hear people talking through their hat about a machine you work on, a technique you know, … Continue reading

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