Definitions of Medical Improv

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Medical improv utilizes experiential teaching activities from theatre arts that are extremely effective for teaching emotional intelligence, communication, collaboration, and leadership.  These are fundamental to our ability to provide safe, cost-effective, and compassionate care and sustain longterm, rewarding careers.   

It is also fun, decreases stress, enhances spontaneity, flexibility, and creative problem-solving. Beth Boynton, RN, MS

JMH_7976Applied “Medical” Improv is focused on honesty and spontaneity (“serious play”), rather than comedy. Learning and practicing these communication skills in a fun, interactive environment promotes collaborative healthcare partnerships. Improved quality of care, decreased medical errors, improved patient satisfaction, and decreased employee stress are all achievable when these new, innovative solutions are applied.  —Stephanie Frederick, M.Ed, RN,  Improv to Improv(e) Healthcare!

Mefu-circle5dical Improv is the study and practice of improv theater philosophy and techniques as applied to the unique challenges and environment of healthcare for the benefit of improved health and well being of providers and patients.Belinda Fu, MD in summary of roundtable brainstorming session with participants from the first Train-the-Trainer conference led by her and Professor Katie Watson at Northwestern University School of Medicine, June 20, 2012. 

watson-circle2Medical Improv is the adaptation of improvisational theatre principles and training techniques to improve communication, cognition, and teamwork in the field of medicine. —Katie Watson, JD, (Medical Improv originator).



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