Experiential Teaching Strategies that Promote a Culture of Safety

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Time:  2 Hours

Audience:  Healthcare leaders

Respectful communication and collaboration are the cornerstones for building and sustaining a culture of safety.  Staff must be able to speak up about concerns,  listen to patients and each other, give and receive constructive feedback respectfully, without fear, and with a focus on providing safe care.   This skill set requires emotional intelligence, is tough to develop in high stress high stakes clinical environments, and developing it is more about changing behavior then gaining intellectual knowledge. Experiential teaching strategies from medical improv are a fun and effective way to teach the emotional intelligence and communication skills that individuals need to practice effective and respectful communication and bring their best to their teams and cultures.  In this interactive workshop, participants will learn the principles of medical improv, discuss their relevance for creating a culture of safety, participate in several activities where they will develop their own skills and take-home teaching strategies they can use.

Not only will participants gain skills and teaching strategies during this workshop, they will also find that the learning continues long after the seminar is over!


  • Describe the core principles of medical improv and their application to creating and sustaining a culture of safety.
  • Identify personal growth opportunities for improved communication and collaboration,
  • Demonstrate increased ability to listen and speak-up in order to provide safe care as an individual and as a member of healthcare teams.
  • Demonstrate ability to teach 4 medical improv activities that build communication and collaboration skills.

*This workshop has not been tested!



Contact Beth@bethboynton.com to customize or schedule this workshop.

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