Medical Improv Testimonials

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I recently attended (participated would be more accurate!) Beth Boynton’s Medical Improv session at the 2016 New England Regional Risk Management Annual Conference. Not knowing what to expect, I was delighted to learn about a wonderful approach to improving communication in healthcare settings! The concept is so simple-use improv techniques to engage, connect, and actually listen to the “other” when conversing. As a healthcare risk manager, I am stymied by the continuing problems with communication issues (among clinicians and between clinicians and patients) as a root cause of medical error and dissatisfaction. This concept for enhancing mindful communication offers hope for improvement in our field. I can’t wait to explore further!–Ellen Grady Venditti, MS, RN, CPHRM, FASHRM Risk Management and Patient Safety Consultant

Beth Boynton is onto something very exciting with her workshops on Medical Improv. As a registered nurse, author, and expert communication skills trainer, Beth has many talents, and one of them is theatrical judy100x130-w100h130improvisation. I love the way she uses her combined expertise to help medical systems communicate more effectively and improve patient safety. –Judy Ringer, Author, Unlikely Teachers: Finding the Hidden Gifts in Daily Conflict

Beth’sAckerman-Michael-250x250 Endnote on Medical Improv was dead on.  Just what we needed at the end of the day.  She facilitated it beautifully!  (Niagra University conference ‘Innovations in Nursing Education-9/11/2015) —Michael Ackerman, Associate Professor, Associate Director, School of Nursing, Niagra University. 

Jorinda joriAs a licensed mental health professional, I have been attending workshops for over 25 years.  Beth’s Improv session is among the best ever for quality of experience, creativity, expertise, and facilitating skills of the presenter, and valuable new materials and skills.  Many of the ideas, concepts, and techniques I learned in “Improv for Healthcare Professionals” I am happily using in my practice.  Beth is equally passionate and knowledgable about the value of these techniques for healthcare professionals and systems and her energy transfers over to the workshop participants.   I wish I could say that more of the professional workshops I attend engage me and energize me in the way Beth’s did.  I guess you could say she tapped into my “professional mojo”!Jorinda Margolis, MSW, LICSW Clinical Social Worker, Licensed Mental Health Provider

IMPROV for Healthcare Professionals has enabled a diverse group of healthcare June Fabreprofessionals to develop and practice communication in new ways. This fresh approach, skillfully facilitated by Beth Boynton, has the flexibility needed to improve collaboration in many healthcare settings. Managers who take advantage of this kind of experiential education will be able to expand the emotional intelligence of their staff as well as offer safer and higher quality patient experiences.  June Fabre MBA RN-BC, CEO, Smart Healthcare LLC, Author “Smart Nursing“.

The healthcare industry is in a state of unprecedented and disruptive change and the long held ways of doing things, won’t get us to where we need to go. Models of care, reimbursement arrangements, partnerships and roles of healthcare professionals – are changing and financial margins are shrinking. Service providers must learn new skills and operate in an environment of greater transparency, interdependence and demand.  We need a new way of thinking because what got us here won’t get us to where we need to go. Innovation is what is called for now. IMPROV for Healthcare Professionals provides this.  IMPROV provides the framework and the forum for us to think and communicate in different and creative ways.  This approach has been expertly designed and facilitated by Beth Boynton.  Thank you Beth!  –Laura F. Montville, Healthcare Consultant and Physician Coach  

Dr. Kenneth H. Cohn

Thanks for all the wisdom, energy, and love that you put into your new workshop “Improv for Healthcare Professionals”.

I learned a lot.

Ken Cohn, MD, MBA, FACS Co-Author “Getting it Done“with Steven Fellows, FACHE

pat corso This was an amazing & thought provoking in-service. We discussed everyday challenges that sabotage good communication and learned strategies to open our hearts and minds and truly listen. These skills are so important and make a difference in the work place, for our clients, co-workers and peers. In my profession as an Alzheimer Program Director good communication is the foundation of everything I do. I highly recommend this program for anyone who wants to improve their communication abilities and awareness of communication within their work environment. —Patricia Corso, Alzheimer Program Director, Clipper Harbor of Portsmouth, NH

I recently attended an introductory two-hour session “Have fun building communication & collaboration skills-Improv for Healthcare Professionals” facilitated by Beth Boynton. I truly attended after a recommendation from a friend and went with an open mind, not having any idea what the expectations or experience would be. A relaxed setting, small group with diverse intellect, experience and healthcare roles it was a taste of something new that offered tools that have the capacity for both self reflection and facilitation of improved team communication. There can never be a definitive number of tools that work in every scenario for effective communication. The idea of applying improv in a situation in which often results in chaos and possibly even medical errors may feel foreign, yet very quickly I realized that we all possess a natural inclination to truly wanting to understand what another persons needs are. This approach is unique yet I felt offered a non-threatening and natural ability to “Start with Heart” and when successful is so inviting to the other person that dialogue flows freely. I would love to learn more and expand my ability to use, appreciate and even teach this approach in the future.  –Respectfully, Michele Clark BS,RN. Organizational Development Practitioner.

As I had never taken an improv workshop before, I had no idea what to expect. What was evident from the start was how very comfortable and safe I felt in the workshop. And, it was clear that we all felt a sense of trust, respect, and collaboration which made it easy for everyone to comfortably interact. I especially enjoyed the activity where we paired up with someone we didn’t know. That person made up a story and as they did so, we were to watch the person’s mouth and repeat or intuit what they were going to say at the same time. The amazing part about this Marilynn Carter exercise was we really saw the person, were totally in the moment, noted what they said to the extent that we were totally in sync, repeating the same story almost simultaneously. This was a great exercise in listening and totally being aware with what the person was trying to convey. I can highly recommend Beth’s workshops for building positive communication and collaboration in a fun and respectful way. -Marilynn Carter Wholistic Health Practitioner & Author of “No Fret Cooking”.

What a Joy it was to experience one of Beth Boynton’s workshops! After working over 20 years as a Registered Nurse in Massachusetts I had left the profession behind when I moved to N.H. Improv for Healthcare Professionals’ workshop was so inspiring and passionate it made me actually think of returning to the trenches! It certainly opened a window of hope and recognition that longevity in the field may not have to be damaging to your own well being. There is no place in life where the fun factor should be totally eradicated. Thank-you Beth for keeping it real as well as unlocking the doors to better communication and thus helping to eliminate some of the stress that depletes our energy. You are a true Patient Advocate.  –Virginia Morrissey /Linenkemper RNC
BB closer Headshot 1-13 CherationsBeth has been trained in the Professor Watson Medical Improv Curriculum at the Feinberg School of Medicine

Northwestern University.

Please contact or 603-205-3509 to learn more about how a program can be adapted to your healthcare team, students, or organization.


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