Introducing Medical Improv: Experiential Learning for Communication & Interpersonal Skills

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Sample Workshop:

Introducing Medical Improv:  Experiential Learning for Communication & Interpersonal Skills

Time:  90 Min

Audience:  Academic or facility-based educators

Medical Improv is a cutting edge experiential learning process that holds great promise for preparing healthcare professionals to provide safe care, create healthy workplaces, and sustain rewarding careers. Join medical improv instructor and communication specialist, Beth Boynton for an interactive workshop where participants will learn the core principles of medical improv and their value in building essential communication and interpersonal skills. Following a brief lecture and powerpoint presentation, participants will practice several activities that can be used in teaching communication directly and/or in promoting collaborative work among students and healthcare professionals. These experiences will also serve to connect instructors with the powerful and deeper learning that can occur with these activities and inspire further exploration. Resources will be included.


  • Describe the core principles of medical improv and their application to patient safety, workplace culture, and career satisfaction for healthcare professionals.
  • Identify professional growth opportunities in developing emotional intelligence and practicing assertiveness and listening.
  • Demonstrate three or more activities that can be used to teach student nurses communication and interpersonal skills.


Contact to customize or shedule this workshop.

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