Leadership Coaching

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As a nurse with over 25 years experience and a Masters in organization & management, I understand the challenges nurse leaders face.  Engaging your staff and creating collaborative teams and cultures is key for providing safe care, optimizing patient experience, and ensuring that healthcare professionals have rewarding careers.

I would welcome the opportunity to coach you to success.

My philosophy of leadership encompasses a balance of structure, empowerment and respectful communication. 

Excellent leadership:

  •         Constructive feedback
  •         Clear expectations & limits
  •         Respectful Culture
  •         Advocating for resources
  •         Accountability
  •         Empowerment
  •         Creative problem-solving
  •         Stopping disruptive behavior
  •         Change management

Excellent Results:

  •         Teamwork
  •         Patient Safety
  •         Positive patient experience
  •         Morale
  •         Staff turnover
  •         Healthy workplace culture
  •         Work-life balance
  •         Work relationships
  •         Career satisfaction

BB closer Headshot 1-13 CherationsTo schedule a confidential and complimentary 30 minute coaching session-603-205-3509 or beth@bethboynton.com.  

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