Med Improv Workshops

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Medical Improv (2)Medical Improv workshops, like the samples above, are a non-traditional approach to developing communication and interpersonal skills! The activities are interactive and once people get over initial nervousness they are a lot of fun! But don’t be fooled , the learning can be profound and often continues long after the workshop is over!  Think of it as going to the gym, but instead of physical fitness it’s communication and collaboration fitness!  Leadership, empathy, listening, collaboration, assertiveness, and critical thinking are just a few of the human behaviors that can be developed through Medical Improv!

Introductory sessions focus on getting comfortable with Medical Improv and playing simpler activities such as ‘Same-time-story’, mirroring, ‘yes but’ vs ‘yes and…’, and ‘Dr. Know-it-All’ and as participants become more adept in the work,  the complexity of the ‘games’ can be increased. Skill- building is facilitated in teaching the activities, handouts, and debriefing all of which can be customized to meet staff and organization needs.

BethIf you are looking for something new that builds communication skills and positive relationships among your staff,  consider this new approach. There are all sorts of possibilities and I’d be delighted to discuss options that will help you meet your goals and budget. – 603-205-3509 – Testimonials – More Info

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