Medical Improv Activities that Promote Safe, Quality Care and Optimal Patient Experience

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Time:  6 Hours

Audience:  All/Any healthcare professionals

In order to meet priorities for healthcare outcomes, professionals must master “soft” skills associated with communication, collaboration, and leadership. This skill set is elusive, varies among professionals, and is often lacking in formal educational programs for healthcare professionals. Medical Improv is an innovative and dynamic experiential learning process that promotes learning in all of these areas! Join Beth Boynton, RN, MS in an interactive workshop where you will develop your abilities to listen, speak-up, lead, and follow as circumstances that the high-stakes, high-stress professional practice demand of you for best patient care. Not only will you gain skills and capacities during your time, you will also find that the learning continues long after the seminar is over!


  • Describe the core principles of medical improv and their application to patient safety and optimal patient experience.
  • Identify personal growth opportunities for improved communication, collaboration, and leadership skills and development
  • Demonstrate increased ability to listen, speak-up, lead, and follow in professional practice involving patient care, family dynamics, and inter professional relationships.


Contact to customize or schedule this workshop.

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