Storytelling: Can this art help us change human behavior?

According to Jude Treder-Wolff, LCSW, CGP. MT  “Professionals in human services and health care can use storytelling to influence shifts in consciousness, change behavior and promote our work.”  Jude is a consultant/trainer a writer/performer, singer, storyteller creative arts psychotherapist and Applied Improviser. speaks and presents on the topics of improvisation, creative thinking, storytelling and comedy for organizations and conferences around the country.  In my opinion, she’s a pioneer in building this bridge of art and science that is incredibly important in human and therefore organizational development.

I am fascinated by this topic because selling applied improv to healthcare professionals or non-theater peeps is challenging.  People who take my classes, whether in the international medical arena or locally in PILL-Portsmouth Improv Learning Lab often tell me they, “…had a great time and learned a lot!”.  But, when I ask how to explain it to others, like me they are often not sure.

And changing behavior or influencing shifts in consciousness could have lots of potential well beyond marketing improv, right? I mean, how might any of these goals might be useful to you?

  • Understanding your audience and how to design stories that reach them;
  • Techniques for shaping true experiences into stories that deliver important information;
  • Techniques for strengthening creative confidence;
  • How the choice of details and structure of a narrative impact the listener;
  • The neuroscience research showing the impact of artistic stories and how to apply that information in getting our message out to peers, clients and the communities we serve.

These are the goals of an upcoming workshop that Jude is teaching on 6/9/17 in NYC and I’m looking forward to it.  According to her, “This workshop is an opportunity to develop the skills and creative confistories change people.gifdence that produce an effective story that communicates and has maximum impact on listeners. We will explore the artistic process of crafting a storyusing experiential techniques and group conversations.”

It’s only $75 and one afternoon.  Here’s some more info!

I think I’ll bring a copy of my new book on Medical Improv to offer up as a door prize….maybe!

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Workforce Health AND Patient Experience-BOTH Matter!

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If you ask me, trying to improve Patient Experience without addressing Workforce Health will severely limit the effectiveness of any initiative!  And I’m referring to both the physical and psychological health of the healthcare team.  Because if you are in physical or emotional pain it will be hard, if not impossible, to bring your best self into your work.

  • If we want nurses to listen to and empower patients leaders must listen to and empower nurses.  This will teach them the value of listening and help them experience being empowered.
  • If leaders want nurses to speak up for patients we must create environments of respect and dignity.  Sure, many nurses will speak up for patients even in toxic cultures, but the toll it takes on individuals, teams, and organizations can be staggering.
  • If we want to provide safe, quality care and optimal patient experience, it is critical to ensure enough staff which in turn will also promote workforce health.

Yes yes, I know this is a tall order.  But guess what, not only were both issues addressed in the International Nursing Symposium where I presented on Medical Improv in Saudi Arabia last month, it is also a theme in the upcoming “Compassion in Action” conference created by the Schwartz Center and coming to Boston June 25th-27th (2017)!  I’m attending and here are a couple of presentations that I get jazzed about!  Or go to the main page and see what sparks you!  Maybe I’ll see you there?

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The Schwartz Center is dedicated to strengthening the human connection at the heart of healthcare. 

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Medical Improv: A New Way to Improve Communication

Welcome to the emerging field of Medical Improv!

Medical Improv: A New Way to Improve Communication

(With 15 activities you can teach STAT!)

Written by Beth Boynton, RN, MS and edited by Anne Llewellyn, RN-BC, MS, BHSA, CCM, CRRN

Medical ImprovMedical Improv is an exciting new teaching tool! Its experiential activities hold great promise for persistent challenges we face in healthcare by promoting the ‘soft’ skills involved in emotional intelligence, communication, collaboration, and leadership.  The author’s combined expertise in nursing, communication, organizational development, and improvisation provide a powerful opportunity for positive change!

This train-the-trainer resource is designed to help educators teach the “soft” skills that healthcare professionals need to positively impact patient safety, patient experience, workforce health, and the efficient use of resources. Because these skills are not intellectual, they require a non-traditional approach that fosters new behaviors. Medical Improv is a fun and effective strategy.

There are 3 parts to the book. Part I, explains what Medical Improv is and why we need it. Part II, focuses on how to facilitate successful Medical Improv sessions. Part III, covers step-by-step instructions for teaching 15 fundamental activities with chapters that focus on skills associated with emotional intelligence and communication, teamwork, and leadership.

-This is the first Medical Improv train-the-trainer book for nurses and other healthcare educators!

-You do NOT need experience in improv or a background in theater to teach these fundamental activities.

-Applied improvisers will find it helpful for teaching classes in the healthcare sector.

Check out the reviews on Amazon!

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