Overtime Pay For Salaried Workers?

by Tim Becker

It may not be the main question many salaried workers would ask, but it is important to know if overtime pay is available as a salaried worker.  This begs the question, are salaried employees entitled to overtime pay?

The answer to this question is, yes. A lot of salaried employees are entitled to overtime pay. They are entitled to this overtime pay under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). However, there are some factors that the Labor Of Department places great emphasis on when it comes to whether or not you should be eligible for overtime pay. The work you do is placed under consideration for whether or not overtime pay is available. With this in mind, knowing whether or not overtime pay is for you as a salaried worker becomes more complicated than meeting a certain salary threshold.

If an employee is not covered by the FLSA’s overtime and minimum wage requirement, they are considered “exempt”. Generally, a lot of exempt workers tend to fall under the law’s “white collar exemptions”. White-collar exemptions are the ones that determine which workers are not entitled to overtime. Receiving a salary is one of the white collar exemption’s three criteria.  However, many salaried employees do not meet the other two, therefore, making them eligible for overtime pay.

The infographic helps you answer three questions that will let you know whether or not you are entitled to overtime pay as a salaried employee.


Author Bio:

Tim Becker-Partner at Minneapolis’ Johnson // Becker PLLC, and lead sponsor of WageAdvocates.com. He is committed to providing clients effective, aggressive legal representation, and has prosecuted numerous individual FLSA violation claims.

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Looking for More Joy in Your Nursing Career? “Aspire to Be Inspired” is a Book that Can Help!

Whether you are just beginning your career or are feeling like you could use some support to thrive in your practice, Keith Carlson’s new book, Aspire to Be Inspired:  Creating a Nursing Career That Matters will help you take positive steps forward.

And you deserve a healthy and happy career.  We all do!

I’ve known Keith virtually for several years now and have watched him build his own business as a consultant, author, coach, and podcaster.  Everything he does is filled with a sense of purpose that includes helping us become our best selves.  This includes a solid underlying belief that nurses are smart and capable professionals who can impact our profession and the healthcare system in big ways.  He’ll challenge you to take ownership of your career path and realize your own potential.  He believes in you. In us. In nursing!

Some of my favorite chapters were:

  • Your Wild and Precious Nursing Career
  • Your Nursing Career and a Latte
  • Half Full or Half Empty?
  • Got Soul, Nurses?

And there are lots more!

If you want to take action steps to be a happier and healthier nurse, check out the book and take a few minutes to learn more about his work. You’ll find links to his newsletter, podcasts, and coaching services at Nursekeith.com

Thanks for all you do, Keith!

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Do Real Nurses and Doctors Care About Rock and Roll?

A personal preference no doubt, but if you do, you’ll want to check out  Patient Advocate and Musician, Martine Ehrenclou’s up and rising new website:  Rock and Roll Blues Muse! 

I love all sorts of music and Martine posts reviews and videos of great stuff I would never find. The focus is on old and new music and great guitarists! And if you sign up for her newsletter, you’ll get a 2017 Blues Festival Guide and lots of insider music stuff.  (Just in case you want to be in the know!)

  • Blues-rock
  • Blues
  • Rock
  • Jazz rock
  • Southern rock
  • Funk-rock (I LOVE Funk-rock)

There’s nothing like taking a break away from writing to watch and listen to a fab guitarist or band playing some funky uptown stuff. (IMHO)!

Check out her website and sign up for her newsletter.  Martine is also well-known for her book, ‘The Take-Charge Patient“!

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