Real Stories

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From the Streets of Healthcare!

With Martine Ehrenclou, MA and Beth Boynton, RN, MS





With patients and healthcare professionals all too often on opposite sides of the table, our goal is to bridge that gap. As a registered nurse and patient/patient advocate. Real Stories From the Streets of Healthcare is our way of discussing real stories and issues that involve patients and families, nurses, other healthcare professionals, and the healthcare environment itself.  We plan to look behind the closed door, break down walls of silence, and tackle thorny issue to increase understanding of the complex healthcare problems we all face.

What can you expect from our blog duets?

  • Open discussions about real issues and authentic stories (anonymous when necessary) related to healthcare.
  • We discuss everything from patient safety issues, barriers to access to care, misdiagnosis, patient experience, end-of-life, professional burnout, workplace hierarchies and violence, to the source of so many conflicts–communication.
  • We learn from one another yet challenge each other’s perspectives. We seek a deeper understanding of the issues, combined with a commitment to taking steps that are solution-oriented.
  • We invite you to join in on our discussions.

With one of us, (Martine) coming from a Patient Advocacy perspective and the other, (Beth) coming from a Nurse Advocacy perspective our backgrounds and healthcare experience are different! Yet we share expertise in communication and we both passionately agree that patients deserve safe, compassionate care and healthcare workers deserve supportive work environments.

Real Stories From the Streets of Healthcare

Blog Duet One:  Time for an End-of-Life Conversation?

Why is it so hard for patients/their families and medical providers to talk about end-of-life issues? Maybe we have created living wills, healthcare directives, & durable power of attorney for healthcare but too many people do not have a clear view of what it means to say, “I want everything done.” See entire blog duet here.

Blog Duet Two:  Will Cameras in the OR Improve Patient Safety?

If we put cameras in an operating room where there is bullying and blaming, what will cameras do?  They may stop overt mistakes, but those dynamics will not go away and are likely to surface in other creative (or destructive ways).  Maybe staff turnover would increase, (there is a steep learning curve for OR nurses) or last minute cancellations of surgery would become a frequent problem leading to delays in treatment and added stress, or there would be more documentation errors leading to loss of revenue, or maybe a patient’s surgical procedure would end up on Facebook. See entire blog duet here.

Blog Duet Three:  What’s Going On with Hand Hygiene and Healthcare-associated Infections?

Hand hygiene seems like a simple thing.  It is well documented that following protocols decreases the incidence of healthcare-associated infections (which can be debilitating or life-threatening) and the spread of bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics. In preparing for this duet…See entire blog duet here. 


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