When Words Hurt! by Patricia Evans (Some take-homes for us in healthcare, don’ t you think?)


by Patricia Evans Since the first edition of my book, The Verbally Abusive Relationship, I have heard from thousands of people who said, “I knew something was wrong. I just didn’t know what.” More than 98% of these were women, although more men are coming forward each year who are suffering on-going verbal abuse from their female partners. It […]

How Elizabeth Scala’s ‘What do you want?’ Message Helped Create an Exciting Collaborative Opportunity!


I’ve been a practicing RN for over 25 years and have had way more than I would ever want of understaffed shifts and relentless pressure to do more with less.  After a while I think it is human nature to shut down to or resist change.  I understand this and to some extent a little […]

Supplementing HCAHPS? Ten Quality Improvement Questions for Everyone in Healthcare

mirror reflection clouds

Some time ago, we suggested that it’s not just patients who should be asked about healthcare service.  Even if the issue is patient satisfaction, everyone involved in healthcare has some standing to assess service quality. Are we missing opportunities to capture insider feedback? Are organizations capable of reflecting on their own performance? HCACPS, we have […]

40 Nursing Groups Show Support for Veterans Health Administration Plans to Empower Nurse Practitioners!


There is a very positive wave going on to make healthcare a safe, quality experience that is available to all USA citizens!  This is evident in 40 professional nursing organizations’, who belong to the Nursing Community and are showing support for Veterans who need healthcare! As many of you know, the Institute of Medicine released […]