I’m on Vacation, but lots to check out at Confident Voices in Healthcare Blog

I’m headed to Florida 4/13/2015 for about a week to visit my 93 y.o. mom.  She recently fell and hit her head resulting in an ED visit and 27 stitches.  (Always grateful to the paramedics, ED docs, and nurses who help!) We know in our work that life is precious, precarious, and often a struggle […]

If I could plan my own death….there would be kittens….


By Jennifer Jonely, RN, MSN When I think of my own death, if I could plan it and have it just the way I wanted it, I would be in my 90’s, having just attended the wedding of my youngest grandchild to the most perfect spouse I could have wished for. I would be surrounded […]

Answer one crucial question to avoid care lapses and value-based care penalties

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By Ruth Hansten, RN, BSN, MBA, PhD, FACHE Pressure ulcers, pneumonia, readmissions, wound infections, patient deconditioning leading to additional care:  all of these healthcare acquired issues can be related to omitted basic care such as turning, repositioning, ambulation, hygienic care, hydration and nutrition.   Basic care tasks that would avoid these problems can be delivered by […]