Disclosure, Transparency, and Compassion Following Medical Errors and Adverse Events: The responsible path to healing and improvements in patient safety with Leilani Schweitzer


Apologizing and talking about what really happened is extremely important in communicating with patients and families when we’ve made mistakes and caused harm.  And since we are human beings, we will make mistakes. Open and honest communication, as difficult as it may be, is essential for helping heal patients and families and for preventing future errors.  As […]

Why Don’t They Listen? A Universal Problem: Healthcare Safety, Educational Goals, Organizational Values, & Family Relationships-Part I


by Jim Murphy and Beth Boynton (originally this series was published Spring 2012.  Since the blog audience has grown we are revitalizing and publishing again!  If it looks familiar, that might be why! ) My colleague in organizational development consulting and frequent guestblogger, Jim Murphy and I were listening to each other talk about listening!  We believe […]

Six Reasons Why RCA Efforts Fail

Bob latino picture

by Robert J. Latino, CEO of Reliability Center Inc. In previous posts (RCA has a Public Relations Problem and Common RCA Shortcuts & Outcomes)I’ve described why providers may take short cuts in doing an RCA and what common shortcuts are.   Sure, we can say we’re in “compliance” because we’ve done the RCA, but such efforts are more like […]

Four Common Shortcuts to Root Cause Analysis (RCA) & How They Impact Outcomes


by Robert J. Latino, CEO of Reliability Center Inc.  In my previous post (RCA has a Public Relations Problem) I described how time pressures on care providers are likely to lead to short cuts or ‘Shallow Cause Analysis” (SCA).   Such approaches help explain why RCA efforts fail i.e. they haven’t been done properly in the first place. […]