What’s Wrong with Our Healthcare System? A Glaring Example -In the News with Jim Murphy

In 2011 Bryan Stow was beaten by two fans at Dodger Stadium so badly that he was hospitalized for seven months and suffers from permanent severe disability.  It has been estimated that his future medical costs will be about $30 million. That fact alone speaks volumes about what is wrong with our healthcare system, as […]

The Sixth Characteristic of the Ideal Healthcare Organization: Trust, Teamwork and Cooperation

We’ve been having a series on the ten key attributes of the ideal healthcare organization.  The most recent, characteristic five, was on employee involvement. The sixth item on our list is that “there is trust, teamwork, and cooperation, with high morale, motivation and enthusiasm.”  That’s a pretty long list; and starting with trust is appropriate, […]

Promoting Nursing Careers with a ‘Let’s Get Real First’ Infographic!

stressed woman

Now mind you, I’m not an advocate for ‘cheap’ nursing education, but I am an advocate for raising awareness about the truth about nursing.  This infographic is a great visual about the physical and emotional toll that working as a nurse can take!  Who needs to know?  The more the better!  Please share “Is your […]