“Interruption Awareness”-Grassroots Nursing YouTube Breaks 10,000 Views!

It’s been about 2.5 years since releasing the “Interruption Awareness” video!  Amazing what a small group of people can accomplish! Quieter work-zones! More awareness of limits & limit-setting! More awareness about nurses’ need to concentrate! If you haven’t seen this youtube, “Interruption Awareness: A Nursing Minute for Patient Safety”, please consider setting aside 12 min to […]

New Nurse Born Product Entrepreneur Shares her Story

stethoscope holder

by Sarah Mott Nurse Born Products,(nurseborn.com) specializes in products designed by nurses. Inspiration for Nurse Born came about while I was in the process of developing the Lotus Stethoscope Holder.  Nurses are incredibly resourceful, creative and inventive people and I wanted to provide them with a platform in which they could sell their products. Nurse […]

Raise Awareness about Complexity of Patient Safety & Solutions w/ Contribution to “Beyond the Checklist” Movie Fund


Want to make healthcare safer, but not sure what to do that will really make a difference?  Help fund “Beyond the Checklist” a film that documents how lessons from industries like aviation can provide solutions to the crisis of patient deaths and injuries in healthcare. If we are ever going to make healthcare safe(r) and […]

Excerpt VI: Travels Through a Toxic Shock Nightmare-A Patient Experience Story We Can All Learn From!

Howard Hoover: "My room not my bed" April 2009

Welcome to the final and exclusive installment of Howard Hoover’s Blogseries highlighting his book Travels through a Toxic Shock Nightmare Excerpt VI-Rehab   Part VI of my blog series in Confident Voices in Healthcare.  You came back for the end, thanks for joining me.  It’s been quite a ride.  Thanks Beth for having me as a guest. It […]