AHRQ IS Listening!

A few weeks ago I was preparing a webinar on the Deeper Work of Teaching Assertiveness for F.A. Davis Publishing.  In it I discussed some blindspots I’ve noticed in our solutions to date re: improving communication in healthcare.  I also included constructive quality improvement ideas to address them.  (The webinar is 30 min, on demand, and […]

When technology leaders CARE about clinician burnout….even the sky is no limit!

As you may know, I have a consulting role with an exciting software as a service company called ManageUp PRM.  I’ll be joining co-founders Lan Nguyen and Greg Hunter as exhibitors at the Connected Health Symposium Conference in Boston today through Friday Oct 30, 2015.  (Please come by and say “Hi”).   My role with the company is to […]

8 Ways to Celebrate “Freedom from Workplace Bullies” Week!

Did you know this week is “Freedom from Workplace Bullies” Week? Yes, yes, Houston, we know we have a problem.  In healthcare and in our society at large, maybe even our species!  I sometimes wonder if we are evolving (or at least trying to) out of a time of dominance and into a more co-creative, […]

What is at the core of this sad miscommunication story?

When doctors don’t talk to doctors, by Allison Bond depicts a dying patient’s wishes that were honored by one doc while another unknowingly went forward in an unwanted intervention.  Check it out and see what you think is the most underlying core issue. I think it is a lack of respect for others.  We could […]

How Bullying Language Can Be Disguised as an “I-Statement”

“I-statements can be tricky!  There are gray areas for using them such as with patients or children and they can be misused!  Recently, there was a very active Facebook (FB) discussion involving some inappropriate language and a conflict that was apparent.  (I’ll have more to say about that in a separate blogpost very soon).  In […]

Brainstorm Invitation: Silo-Prevention Idea for Healthcare Professionals’ Education!

We know that working in silos prevents patients from receiving the most optimal care from healthcare teams.  We all bring different expertise and experience to the table and it can be challenging for leaders, even collaborative ones to make sure that all voices are heard. Time limitations, more urgent priorities, poor communication skills, and toxic cultures contribute […]