RN says “No Regrets” after reporting concerns about patient safety, even though…


by Rebecca Swinson, RN, BSN “It’s always been like that” is a phrase that makes me cringe as a nurse! At the 259 bed hospital I most recently worked at,  I voiced concerns about unsafe staffing ratios and told certain members of management and administration that at times I did not feel safe working there […]

A Path for Warriors (of the Human Spirit), by Meg Wheatley


I’m re-reading Margaret J. Wheatley’s book, “So Far From Home: Lost and found in our brave new world” because I find it affirming and inspiring.   I share this excerpt from page 163 with you and if you read the book, I’d love to dialogue about it.  I think there are wonderful wisdoms for us in […]

If I could plan my own death….there would be kittens….


By Jennifer Jonely, RN, MSN When I think of my own death, if I could plan it and have it just the way I wanted it, I would be in my 90’s, having just attended the wedding of my youngest grandchild to the most perfect spouse I could have wished for. I would be surrounded […]