Improvisation as Humor Therapy, by the Author of “The Bakery Girls”

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“Miss Ditlow, here is where you learn to improvise!” Said Mrs. Goodreau, holding out an empty pillow case. You see, I needed a pillow and there was a linen shortage. As a nursing student in a hospital run by Public Health Services, we stuffed pillows and invented other outlandish tools to care for patients. Later […]

Expert Interviews w/ Guestbloggers Continue: Meet Jazz Musician, Steve Carter

Steve’s very well-read post “A Jazz Musician’s Wisdom on Listening: Lessons for Us in Healthcare” has helped broaden the audience and bridge the art and science of healthcare as a guestblogger for Confident Voices in Healthcare Blog.  Learn a little more about Steve and his work in music and publishing: 1.  Tell CV readers a […]

Facing Up to the Costs of Healthcare (Book Review)


William J. Baumol et al., The Cost Disease: Why Computers Get Cheaper But Health Care Doesn’t, New Haven, Yale University Press, 2012 Book Review by Jim Murphy This is an important book. Because of its technical nature, it may be a stretch to say that everyone “must” read it, but any health care worker or […]

Inspiring Stories of Nurses Working with Disabilities AND a Great Resource – “The Exceptional Nurse” Book Review


Nursing is a tough profession and nursing school a rigorous path to take with physical, intellectual, psychological, and spiritual challenges!  That is why it is so amazing and inspiring to learn about nurses who have overcome major challenges to continue or begin their practice.  (Who could empathize more authentically with patients facing illness and injury?) “The Exceptional Nurse:  Tales […]