What To Do When a Patient Says, “Thank You!”


By Dike Drummond, MD Let me show you four simple steps — requiring just 15 seconds — that will turn a patient thank you into a two-way healing encounter of the highest order. It is incredibly easy for “thank you” from a patient to slip by during a busy day in the office or hospital. […]

Medical Reporter Liz Kowalcyzk & Chief Medical Officer, Allan Frankl Making a Difference for Patient Safety!

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Liz Kowalcyzk, a Medical and Healthcare Reporter for the Boston Globe, wrote recently,  ”Massachusetts acute-care hospitals reported 753 serious medical errors and other patient injuries last year, a 70 percent annual jump that health officials attributed mostly to expanded definitions of what constitutes medical harm” in her recent article ‘Area hospitals’ mistakes list widens’. “Do I think […]

“Nurse Overload” Article Breaking All Blogging Records! Now Watch video of 1 Nursing Minute!

The article Doug Hall and I wrote “Nurse Overload:  The Risks to Employee and Patient” is getting LOTS of ‘hits’ and comments.  Docs, Patient Advocates, and Nurses are commenting in various places in the social media realm.  Thank you all for watching and sharing.  One of my dreams is to build a bridge between consumers […]

Overstaff? A Counterintuitive Alternative Approach to Safe Nurse Staffing

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Balancing financial health of the organization with patient safety and nurse health make nurse staffing a challenge.  Add to that many variables such as skill and experience mix of the nurses, patient acuity, working conditions, fatigue, patient and family dynamics and having enough of the right staff to provide safe compassionate care becomes even more […]