How Bullying Language Can Be Disguised as an “I-Statement”


“I-statements are can be tricky!  There are gray areas for using them such as with patients or children and they can be misused!  This morning there was a very active Facebook (FB) discussion involving some inappropriate language and a conflict that was apparent.  (I’ll have more to say about that in a separate blogpost very […]

‘No Innocent Bystanders’ is Important Online Too!

A recent article by Michael Accad, MD called “Were losing the war on error and here’s why” sparked some interesting discussion and what I would call some hostile comments.  I shared my perspective on the discussion as well as a comment about the hostile remarks.  A little while later there was a reply to my […]

The Ideal Help Wanted Ad for Nurses

Hospital sign

I noticed an ad in Sunday’s newspaper for RNs that included a sign-on bonus of $5,000!  I remember when these were popular in the late 80s and 90s and suspect this is a sign that the economy is improving, but also one that nurses are leaving the bedside.  The former is good news, the latter […]