I’m on Vacation, but lots to check out at Confident Voices in Healthcare Blog

I’m headed to Florida 4/13/2015 for about a week to visit my 93 y.o. mom.  She recently fell and hit her head resulting in an ED visit and 27 stitches.  (Always grateful to the paramedics, ED docs, and nurses who help!) We know in our work that life is precious, precarious, and often a struggle […]

RN says “No Regrets” after reporting concerns about patient safety, even though…


by Rebecca Swinson, RN, BSN “It’s always been like that” is a phrase that makes me cringe as a nurse! At the 259 bed hospital I most recently worked at,  I voiced concerns about unsafe staffing ratios and told certain members of management and administration that at times I did not feel safe working there […]

A Path for Warriors (of the Human Spirit), by Meg Wheatley


I’m re-reading Margaret J. Wheatley’s book, “So Far From Home: Lost and found in our brave new world” because I find it affirming and inspiring.   I share this excerpt from page 163 with you and if you read the book, I’d love to dialogue about it.  I think there are wonderful wisdoms for us in […]