Are Contented Patients the Best to Be Milked as We Juggle Our Making Money vs Improving Health Agendas?

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One reads everywhere, even in these pages, that satisfied patients have better outcomes.  Indeed, health care leaders are hearing from all kinds of vendors and consultants how they need to improve patient satisfaction. But is it really true that “satisfied with treatment” means “in better health”?  Certainly there is plausibility in such a link: how […]

“Interruption Awareness”-Grassroots Nursing YouTube Breaks 10,000 Views!

It’s been about 2.5 years since releasing the “Interruption Awareness” video!  Amazing what a small group of people can accomplish! Quieter work-zones! More awareness of limits & limit-setting! More awareness about nurses’ need to concentrate! If you haven’t seen this youtube, “Interruption Awareness: A Nursing Minute for Patient Safety”, please consider setting aside 12 min to […]

Nurse Leaders: Vote for Top 2 of These 5 Problems that Give You the Most Anxiety!

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Leadership Consultant, Nance Goldstein of the Working Wisely Group and author of complimentary ebook:  ”Pain Relief for New Managers” and Blogpost Miniseries about Managing 20Somethings needs your help! Dear Nurse Leader, If you manage a clinical staff or lead a team, I would really like to hear from you! How do you  vote among the following […]

The Emotional Barriers to Change


by Scott Brown Effectively managing change can be a tough task.  Because humans are such complicated creatures, any successful change effort should address a number of different issues.  It has to address the processes necessary for the change to take root in the organization’s culture.  It has to help individuals behave differently, in ways that […]