Sleep Deprivation as a Social, Organizational and Healthcare Issue (Book Review)


Alan Derickson, Dangerously Sleepy: Overworked Americans and the Cult of Manly Wakefulness, Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania Press, 2014 The topic of this scholarly (a footnote for almost every paragraph) but well-written (not at all soporific!)  book gives an historical view of Americans’ neglect of sleep.  Sleep deprivation may be on very few lists of our […]

Holding space for tough conversations, like @ bullying leads to readiness, enthusiasm & commitment for positive change!

Not to long ago, I had the honor of joining a long list of highly respected speakers at the annual convention of Ambulatory Surgery Center Association in Dallas, TX!  My topic for a breakfast discussion was, “Dealing with Bullying in the Workplace”!  The turnout for this early morning conversation was wonderful!  I was expecting 10-20 ambulatory surgery […]

An underutilized communication strategy to help any safety, quality, or culture change effort.


 “What do you need in order to_____?”  Here’s the how and why leaders at all levels can use this very powerful question: First, the essence of this question can be a first step in building assertiveness.  Imbedded in it are presumptions that staff  have needs and they should be respected.  By the very nature of […]

What To Do When a Patient Says, “Thank You!”


By Dike Drummond, MD Let me show you four simple steps — requiring just 15 seconds — that will turn a patient thank you into a two-way healing encounter of the highest order. It is incredibly easy for “thank you” from a patient to slip by during a busy day in the office or hospital. […]