What If We Worked at the Speed of Safety? Like the Mechanics at Two Brothers Garage?

Bryan Gilman

This morning, on my way to my Zumba class, I was having some trouble getting up the icy incline.  I got out of my car to assess the situation and thought, “Hmmmmm, maybe I’ll change this flat tire instead”!  Once done, I called my favorite ‘automotive specialists’ at Two Brothers Garage in Portsmouth, NH and the […]

Confessions of a Hospital Administrator w/ Principles to Share from Major Lessons Learned

John Mitchell, SPPR

John W Mitchell 2/2015 On January 1, 2014, I made a post to allnurses.com titled “Confessions of a Hospital Administrator”*, a social networking site. In the article I discussed servant leadership principles that had served me well as a hospital CEO in creating a great workplace culture and an engaged work force. These four points […]