“My patients persuaded me to pursue my musical career!” Exclusive CV Interview with nurse/singer ROXANNA!


[CV] Tell us about your nursing career?  [Roxanna] I always wanted to be a nurse and the people in my life including my family persuaded me to do so. I received my RN degree from Seneca College in Toronto. I then worked as a nurse at a hospital in Toronto. I loved my job as a nurse […]

Great example of horizontal violence online and how I’ll address it- Not OK, Nurse C. Not OK!

hand signal stop sign

This nurse, at least represented as such, watched my new 3 min video 5 reasons why I think “venting” is a bad Idea  and shared the below comment via twitter.    I think his/her language and “tone” demonstrate horizontal violence. Nurse C @C6751T “@november17 @BethBoynton This the stupidest thing I have ever watched. I am dumber having watched this […]

Meet Colleague & Friend, Brenda Sammy, A Nurse Who Went from Manager to Wellness Coach (aka a superb resource for help with weight loss and health goals!)

Brenda Sammy

I met Brenda at a National Nurses in Business Association (NNBA) and she has an inspiring story about leaving her work as a nurse manager and becoming a Wellness Coach.  She’s currently helping to launch a “Thin it to Win It” an online 6 week Health Challenge!  Brenda told me she loves being a Wellness Coach because she gets […]

Introducing Confident Voices in Healthcare Youtubes!

andrew lopez

I want to thank Andrew Lopez of NurseUp.com for giving me the fantastic idea to translate some of the educational blogposts at Confident Voices in Healthcare Blog into short Youtubes.  (Talk about collaboration!) They are short (2-3 min) and hopefully engaging educational bursts!  All about communication and collaboration in healthcare!  If it was easy we’d be doing it […]