4 Essential Communication Skills that Promote Patient Safety (Objectives & Curriculum for Online CE)

Recently, FierceHealthcare, reporter Leslie Small’s article Hospitals stagnate on patient safety outcomes, reminds us about the challenges we continue to face with medical errors.  And sentinel event data consistently points out the links between catastrophic errors and communication and behavior. Communication skills involve behaviors that can be very tough to learn especially in the high […]

Announcing Online Course- 4 Essential Communication Strategies that Promote Patient Safety! 2 Contact Hours-Pedagogy

Dear Colleagues, I’m delighted to announce the release of a brand new course:  4 Essential Communication Strategies that Promote Patient Safety through Pedagogy Online Learning Systems! 2 Contact Hours/$20.00! Course includes 10  short videos to engage and teach! Course Description This instructional continuing education course is designed for nurses who are in direct care or middle management […]

Nursing-One of the Most Dangerous Jobs-Please Listen/Read/Share NPR Series!

“Every day you call and say, ‘We don’t have anybody to help us,’ ” And again it would be the same thing.  Every single day being jerked around and by the end of the day nobody ever came to help us.”–Ashley Moore, ICU Nurse, Walnut Creek, CA, a Kaiser Permanente Hospital.  There is a great […]

Recognizing the ‘Art of Safety’ in a Complexity Science World!

I am going to make a bold statement. We will not be as effective in patient safety efforts as we can be unless and until we pay attention to the ‘Art of Safety’!   Evidence-based? If you look at our track record of inconsistent and slow progress, it certainly suggests we are missing something.  Some […]

New York Post & Reporter Betsy McCaughy Perpetuate Blaming Cultures and Medical Errors

Understanding the many roles of healthcare professionals can be confusing and the last thing we need is misinformation from journalists.  Although she is entitled to have her own opinion about nurses and nurse practitioners,  McCaughy’s 1/5/2015 New York Post piece is pretty dangerous since she’s in the public eye and is writing about things that she obviously doesn’t know […]

An Unpleasant Metaphor helps Explain Concerns about Cameras in the Operating Room

I remember walking in patient’s room not long ago when working on a secure dementia unit.  The smell of urine was strong and she was putting on a clean pair of depends.  A good idea, really, but the problem was she wasn’t taking off the old pair or cleaning herself. I’ve received several invitations to […]