Wake Up Call: Distractions & Interruptions Take Toll on Patient Safety

In 2/21/2012 edition of the Boston Globe, Correspondent Jan Brogan’s powerful article, “Constant Distractions Can Take a Toll” offers us a compelling opportunity to apply important insights to patient safety, medication errors, and nurse & physician workplace cultures.  After two twelve hour shifts on an understaffed Alheimer’s Care unit this week-end, I read the article […]

Nurse Physician “Virtual Summit” Calls for STAT Move To Benefit Patient Safety!

Should doctors and nurses team up for a day: PATIENT CARE COMES FIRST? National Patient Safety Awareness Week March 4th – 10th March 10th, 2012!  Save the date! Okay, so my telephone conversation with Will Sawyer, MD of Henry the Hand fame doesn’t exactly constitute a summit to prevent medical errors, improve patient safety or […]