Introducing Confident Voices in Healthcare Youtubes!

andrew lopez

I want to thank Andrew Lopez of for giving me the fantastic idea to translate some of the educational blogposts at Confident Voices in Healthcare Blog into short Youtubes.  (Talk about collaboration!) They are short (2-3 min) and hopefully engaging educational bursts!  All about communication and collaboration in healthcare!  If it was easy we’d be doing it […]

Is it Silence that Kills or is Silence a Symptom of Much Deeper Problems?


This morning’s “Hospital Impact” has a disturbing article by Dr. John Burroughs about a preventable brush with death that his mother-in-law had recently.   She resides in a corporate LTC facility on an Alzheimer care unit and became seriously ill on an antibiotic despite signs and reasoning that the antibiotic was contraindicated. He’s right, doctors, […]

Revealing Flaws in Care Coordination: A CEO’s Undercover Experience

lynn mcvey

Getting Real in Healthcare:  Communication, Conflict, & Perspectives is the theme for an exciting new Webinar series that launches Oct 1, 2014 with Lynn McVey, Chief Operating Officer of Meadowland Hospital.  Join us for an educational and dynamic discussion: Revealing Flaws in Care Coordination: A CEO’s Undercover Experience!   In February of 2014, Lynn McVey got a […]

“Nurse Overload” Article Breaking All Blogging Records! Now Watch video of 1 Nursing Minute!

The article Doug Hall and I wrote “Nurse Overload:  The Risks to Employee and Patient” is getting LOTS of ‘hits’ and comments.  Docs, Patient Advocates, and Nurses are commenting in various places in the social media realm.  Thank you all for watching and sharing.  One of my dreams is to build a bridge between consumers […]