8 Ways to Celebrate “Freedom from Workplace Bullies” Week!

Did you know this week is “Freedom from Workplace Bullies” Week? Yes, yes, Houston, we know we have a problem.  In healthcare and in our society at large, maybe even our species!  I sometimes wonder if we are evolving (or at least trying to) out of a time of dominance and into a more co-creative, […]

How Bullying Language Can Be Disguised as an “I-Statement”

“I-statements can be tricky!  There are gray areas for using them such as with patients or children and they can be misused!  Recently, there was a very active Facebook (FB) discussion involving some inappropriate language and a conflict that was apparent.  (I’ll have more to say about that in a separate blogpost very soon).  In […]

‘No Innocent Bystanders’ is Important Online Too!

A recent article by Michael Accad, MD called “Were losing the war on error and here’s why” sparked some interesting discussion and what I would call some hostile comments.  I shared my perspective on the discussion as well as a comment about the hostile remarks.  A little while later there was a reply to my […]

3 Ways to Improve Medicare! In Support of Single Payer Health Insurance

I think Single Payer Health Insurance (aka Medicare for ALL) is the most socially conscious, cost-effective, and morally responsible way to go! Medicare, one of our nation’s most valuable and popular social programs, turns 50 on July 30. Medicare is a federal health insurance program enacted and signed into law in 1965 by President Lyndon […]

The Sixth Characteristic of the Ideal Healthcare Organization: Trust, Teamwork and Cooperation

We’ve been having a series on the ten key attributes of the ideal healthcare organization.  The most recent, characteristic five, was on employee involvement. The sixth item on our list is that “there is trust, teamwork, and cooperation, with high morale, motivation and enthusiasm.”  That’s a pretty long list; and starting with trust is appropriate, […]

Will Cameras in the OR Improve Patient Safety?

 Real Stories from the Streets of Healthcare! Martine Ehrenclou, MA and Beth Boynton, RN, MS With patients and healthcare professionals all too often on opposite sides of the table, our goal is to bridge that gap. As a patient/patient advocate and registered nurse, Real Stories From the Streets of Healthcare is our way of discussing real […]