Do You Know about the Podcast Series Available at NAIMP?

doc nurse handshake

The National Association of Independent Medical Practices, (NAIMP)  is dedicated to providing education, networking, funding, mentoring and more to help the independent practitioner have a prosperous and growing practice.  They have a weekly series of dynamic, relevant, and progressive podcasts available.  You don’t have to be a member or in independent practice to listen/watch and several links are […]

What If We Worked at the Speed of Safety? Like the Mechanics at Two Brothers Garage?

Bryan Gilman

This morning, on my way to my Zumba class, I was having some trouble getting up the icy incline.  I got out of my car to assess the situation and thought, “Hmmmmm, maybe I’ll change this flat tire instead”!  Once done, I called my favorite ‘automotive specialists’ at Two Brothers Garage in Portsmouth, NH and the […]