Expert Interviews w/ Guestbloggers Continue: Meet Jazz Musician, Steve Carter

Steve’s very well-read post “A Jazz Musician’s Wisdom on Listening: Lessons for Us in Healthcare” has helped broaden the audience and bridge the art and science of healthcare as a guestblogger for Confident Voices in Healthcare Blog.  Learn a little more about Steve and his work in music and publishing: 1.  Tell CV readers a […]

Facing Up to the Costs of Healthcare (Book Review)


William J. Baumol et al., The Cost Disease: Why Computers Get Cheaper But Health Care Doesn’t, New Haven, Yale University Press, 2012 Book Review by Jim Murphy This is an important book. Because of its technical nature, it may be a stretch to say that everyone “must” read it, but any health care worker or […]

“Cooling Off Period”? Like Patients Who Have Been Harmed Should?


I’m definitely with healthcare leaders that believe in apologies, transparency, and compassion following medical errors.  It is an integral part of healing, helps improve patient safety, and we owe it to our patients.  I also believe it demonstrates ownership which is crucial for relationship building, assertiveness, and collaboration.  (The stuff we’re always saying we should […]

Recorded CEU Webinar on Disclosure S/P Errors with Leilani Schweitzer-Available until 11/13/2015

 AHC Media live event, Disclosure, Transparency, and Compassion Following Medical Errors and Adverse Events:  The Responsible Path to Healing.  The act of apologizing is extremely important to patients and families when we make mistakes and cause harm. This kind of communication is extraordinarily difficult yet essential to understand.  Join Leilani Schweitzer and I for this continuing education webinar sponsored by […]