Answer one crucial question to avoid care lapses and value-based care penalties

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By Ruth Hansten, RN, BSN, MBA, PhD, FACHE Pressure ulcers, pneumonia, readmissions, wound infections, patient deconditioning leading to additional care:  all of these healthcare acquired issues can be related to omitted basic care such as turning, repositioning, ambulation, hygienic care, hydration and nutrition.   Basic care tasks that would avoid these problems can be delivered by […]

Creating the Ideal Healthcare Organization: The Importance of Involvement

We compiled a list of the ten key attributes of the ideal healthcare organization.  The first concerned organizational mission, vision, ethics and values. The second was that “employees are treated and compensated fairly and receive great benefits.”  The third was about programs, policies, roles and responsibilities, and the fourth on the role of diversity. The […]

Introducing The Healthy Workplaces Community at Next Wave Connect (NWC)


Next Wave Connect (NWC) is a newer social platform especially for healthcare professionals and I’m happy to announce that I’ll be hosting a new community there. It is called, Healthy Workplaces! The mission of the community is to engage various experts and professional staff in dialogues that will increase knowledge about and importance of workforce concerns and […]