Recorded CEU Webinar on Disclosure S/P Errors with Leilani Schweitzer-Available until 11/13/2015

 AHC Media live event, Disclosure, Transparency, and Compassion Following Medical Errors and Adverse Events:  The Responsible Path to Healing.  The act of apologizing is extremely important to patients and families when we make mistakes and cause harm. This kind of communication is extraordinarily difficult yet essential to understand.  Join Leilani Schweitzer and I for this continuing education webinar sponsored by […]

CEU Webinar with Leilani Schweitzer Will Help Prepare You and Your Staff for Disclosure


Please consider joining  Leilani Schweitzer and I for this continuing education webinar sponsored by AHC Media:  Disclosure, Transparency, and Compassion Following Medical Errors and Adverse Events: The responsible path to healing and improvements in patient safety with Leilani Schweitzer.  The live event will be 11/13/2014-EST-1p-2pm while the recording and CEU will be available until 11/13/2015). I first learned about Leilani’s […]

Cutting Health Care Costs: Crucial Goal or Unwise Obsession?

money pills

The increasing importance of healthcare organizational issues is evident from the fact that almost every issue of the Harvard Business Review (arguably the world’s most important management periodical) now has an article in this area. The latest, in the current (November 2014) issue, is “How Not to Cut Health Care Costs.” Written by Robert Kaplan, […]

Meg Wheatley’s Invitation to Warriorship for the Human Spirit! Count Me In!

wheatley so far from home

Margaret Wheatley is a progressive leader in organizational development whom I greatly admire.  I recently read her  her newish book, So Far From Home and loved it! I didn’t love it because it was fun to read.  In fact, in some places it was actually stressful!  But, she’s offering us a paradigm shift in thinking […]