Meg Wheatley’s Invitation to Warriorship for the Human Spirit! Count Me In!

wheatley so far from home

Margaret Wheatley is a progressive leader in organizational development whom I greatly admire.  I recently read her  her newish book, So Far From Home and loved it! I didn’t love it because it was fun to read.  In fact, in some places it was actually stressful!  But, she’s offering us a paradigm shift in thinking […]

Why Don’t They Listen? Part IV-Some Solutions

doctor listening

by Beth Boynton and Jim Murphy (Scroll to bottom of post for links to parts I, II, and III) More and more “Listening” is becoming a hot topic in leadership circles and patient safety initiatives.   In the news, there is evidence of the problem and inspiration for making it a priority.  In 5/30/2012, Hospital Impact,  Thomas Dahlborg,  talks about “What […]

Why Don’t They Listen? A Universal Problem-Part III: Some Answers!

doctor listening

Some Answers to the Question:   Why Don’t They Listen? Jim Murphy & Beth Boynton There are many reasons why “they don’t listen”.   In the case of a child or student, there could be a development disorder.   In many settings people become too distracted – increasingly by cell phones, tablets, and other devices – to listen to what is being said […]

Why Don’t They Listen? A Universal Problem-Part II-Organizations, Management, & Healthcare

By Jim Murphy and Beth Boynton What about Organizations and Management? Think of every organization you have worked for: how would you rate communication?  Obviously, a summary of surveys of all organizations is impossible, but if you have ever done one, you know that communication is always considered a problem.   “There is no communication,”  “what communication?” and “nobody […]