Reckoning the Collaborative Power of Nurses & Celebrating a Force for Positive Change: “Toxic Nursing” Wins Book of the Year Award in 2 Categories!


  Toxic Nursing:  Managing Bullying Bad Attitudes, and Total Turmoil, by Cheryl Dellasega, PhD, RN, CRNP and Rebecca Volpe, PhD published by Sigma Theta Tau International just received some very exciting and honorable news!    Toxic Nursing has won two American Journal of Nursing 2013 Book of the Year awards!  FIRST PLACE for categories in:  Medical Surgical Nursing AND […]

Robert Fuller on Rankism & the March on Dignity! Let’s Bring it On in Healthcare!

Robert Fuller

Robert Fuller, the soft-spoken former President of Oberlin College and author of “Somebodies and Nobodies: Overcoming the Abuse of Rank” offers a moving talk on what “rankism” is and why we need to be against it in order to fight for dignity.  It is about 20 min and posted below.  In the video, he states “…The […]

An Anonymous Nurse Writes: Was this Employee Scapegoated?

stressed woman

Every once in a while I hear from healthcare professionals who share concerns, perspectives, or experiences about something they don’t feel safe discussing publicly.  Job risk or retaliation from others are perceived risks.  Yet their stories provide insights and clues about organizational cultures and delivery of care that consumers and healthcare professionals alike can learn […]

An ‘Out-of-the-Box’ Plan that Would Help Nurse Staffing: Is this a Practical Idea or Too Crazy?

think outside box

What if EVERYONE who works in a hospital or nursing home, (Excluding anyone physically limited) is required to take a 6-8 week Nurse Assistant course?    The CEO or Nursing Home Administrator giving someone a shower or helping change a combative patient who has been incontinent?  A doctor, are you kidding? People laugh and roll […]