Why Don’t They Listen? Part IV-Some Solutions

doctor listening

by Beth Boynton and Jim Murphy (Scroll to bottom of post for links to parts I, II, and III) More and more “Listening” is becoming a hot topic in leadership circles and patient safety initiatives.   In the news, there is evidence of the problem and inspiration for making it a priority.  In 5/30/2012, Hospital Impact,  Thomas Dahlborg,  talks about “What […]

Why Don’t They Listen? A Universal Problem-Part III: Some Answers!

doctor listening

Some Answers to the Question:   Why Don’t They Listen? Jim Murphy & Beth Boynton There are many reasons why “they don’t listen”.   In the case of a child or student, there could be a development disorder.   In many settings people become too distracted – increasingly by cell phones, tablets, and other devices – to listen to what is being said […]

Why Don’t They Listen? A Universal Problem-Part II-Organizations, Management, & Healthcare

By Jim Murphy and Beth Boynton What about Organizations and Management? Think of every organization you have worked for: how would you rate communication?  Obviously, a summary of surveys of all organizations is impossible, but if you have ever done one, you know that communication is always considered a problem.   “There is no communication,”  “what communication?” and “nobody […]

Disclosure, Transparency, and Compassion Following Medical Errors and Adverse Events: The responsible path to healing and improvements in patient safety with Leilani Schweitzer


Apologizing and talking about what really happened is extremely important in communicating with patients and families when we’ve made mistakes and caused harm.  And since we are human beings, we will make mistakes. Open and honest communication, as difficult as it may be, is essential for helping heal patients and families and for preventing future errors.  As […]