Using Med Improv to Develop Self as Leader

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Time:  Half day (3-4 Hrs)

Audience:  Nurses

Professional nursing practice demands the abilities to lead and follow effectively, respectfully, and creatively while fluidly shifting from one to the other and back again at a moment’s notice.  Whether executing or challenging a physian’s order, speaking up about a patient’s concerns, suggesting an idea for quality improvement, or providing feedback to a nurse assisstant, this dynamic dance requires mastery of essential skills communication, and collaboration.  Much different than learning to start an IV or memorizing a drug’s adverse events, aptitude in leadership development requires confidence, humility,  emotional risk-taking, and excellent communication skills.  All of which can be extremely difficult to develop in today’s high-stress, high-stakes world of healthcare.  Medical Improv is a dynamic and fun experiential learning process that promotes self-awareness, curiosity, assertiveness, listening, flexibility, and trust that are vital for leaders at all levels.


  • Explain how communication skills and emotional intelligence capacities are linked to leadership development.
  • Identify personal and professional growth opportunities for leadership development.
  • Demonstrate ability to lead and follow in a variety of medical improvisational activities.


Contact to customize or shedule this workshop.

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