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All sorts of writing opportunities exist  with the Award-winning Confident Voices in Healthcare Blog!

Some of the most successful posts at Confident Voices  have come from Guest-bloggers who share their expertise in exchange for links to their work or the opportunity to develop their writing portfolio! There have been successful “Sponsored Posts”  too!  So much so that I have decided to create this info page for interested writers.

Criteria for Guest-blogging

Confident Voices is a publication that focuses on topics that help make healthcare safer, more compassionate, and cost-effective. Posts range from educating and supporting nurses and other healthcare professionals to informing and empowering consumers, to building a bridge between providers and consumers. If you have an idea or are an expert in some area, you are welcome to submit an article to beth@bethboynton.com.

Please be sure:

  • to spend some time on the blog to get familiar with nature of topics.
  • that is is NOT an ad.  It is ok to include a link to your website in your bio and building your presence online is fine.Links in the body of your post should be to generic resources and material must have stand-alone value w/o following link in your bio.
  • to include a bio that supports your credibility on the topic.
  • to include a pic of you and any graphics.  Make sure they are yours to use. Confident Voices reserves the right to use other graphics.

Criteria for Sponsored Posts

Confident Voices accepts Sponsored Posts for a fee of $250-1,000 USD payable to PayPal upon publication.  Sharing on Social Media will occur after payment.  Lower price is for clean, well-written, meaningful posts that you write.  Higher costs are for topics that vendors want us to write about! Email us at beth@bethboynton.com and we can talk. In any case articles must include an icon such as this or sentence that indicates the post is sponsored.

Please be sure:

  • contact us (beth@bethboynton.com)  to inquire about publication dates and topics.
  • to spend some time on the blog to get familiar with nature of topics.
  • include two links to your website or product page in the body of your post.
  • to make the post meaningful, even if readers don’t follow the link.
  • to include a pic and bio.

What about including Text Links in articles that have already been written?

Confident Voices is willing to consider adding relevant and helpful text links to material written by Beth Boynton, RN, MS. Many articles are timeless and worthy of re-sharing.  Decisions are made on a case by case basis, $100/link and include shares on 3 FB groups, plus once on LI, Twitter, and Google Plus after payment is received.



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