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BB closer Headshot 1-13 Cherations
These educational videos are designed to address various issues in communication and collaboration.  If you would like to use them for teaching purposes, please email request  I welcome constructive feedback and ideas.

About me (3min)-2014

 Why a “No Innocent Bystanders” rule is important for creating “Safe” cultures.  (3 min)-2014

5 Reasons Why “venting” isn’t a great idea!  (3 min)-2014

Medical Improv: Learning Experiences that Promote Safe Care, Patient Satisfaction, & Rewarding Careers (100 min) -2013 with Stephanie Frederick and Judy White.

Medication Errors-What Makes Really Smart People Make Really Dumb Mistakes  (5 min)-2012

Improv for NURSES (Not Actors!) (1 min)-2013

Interruption Awareness: A Nursing Minute for Patient Safety (12 min)-2013

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