A story and gift of gratitude from a patient’s daughter!

By Jennifer Herrera When my father was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia, one that is typically diagnosed in children, we were in shock. Cancer did not run in our family, we thought: diabetes, yes; cancer, no. My father’s diagnosis began a journey and an education that I sense every family deals with when […]

Off the Grid Til October Mid!

I’m headed to Mussoorie India where my son is a High School Drama Teacher at Woodstock School.  It is a huge adventure for me and I can NOT wait to see him!  I’m also excited to see the school and meet some of his friends and colleagues and explore INDIA! (At least a little!)I may […]

RNFM Radio Interview is Available!

What a joy to be back on RNFM! Talking with nurse leaders Keith Carlson, Kevin Ross, and Elizabeth Scala was like being at our own ‘Nurses Rock’ summit! It was fun to do some spontaneous med improv with them!  Listen and learn about Elizabeth’s new method of transportation and some more serious discussion about the challenges of […]

ManageUP PRM-Unleashing the Power of Healthcare Teams

“While our goal is improved patient outcomes, our solution has to start with employee engagement” ~ Lan Nguyen, CEO ManageUP PRM One of my consulting roles is with a new and exciting Personnel and Resource Management (PRM) Software company called ManageUP PRM.   Can you imagine a software company that is so committed to this ideal […]

Resume Writing Tips For Nurses

By Dan Shir It does not matter whether you are a new nursing graduate or an experienced nurse looking for new and better opportunities, you must be able to exhibit your skills in a clear, systematic and professional manner. In order to convince the recruiter that you are the right candidate among the numerous applications, […]

Hospital Security Becomes Increasingly Important

In many countries, attacks on healthcare workers are on the increase. Scientific American went as far as to say that ‘there is an epidemic of violence against health care workers’. During 2014, one in three US hospitals reported an increase in violence. Theft from hospitals is also increasing with more and more valuable equipment and […]