Spreading some good news about compassion, mindfulness, & equestrians

Do you love conversations with healthcare colleagues that are inspiring?   How about learning about hopeful work going on in our world?   I get very excited b/c despite these troubling times, there are signs of a more joyful world out there too.  This morning I had a conversation with my physical therapist whilst getting some skilled and […]

Considering the human dimension while practicing main stream medicine

I have been into teaching and training healthcare professionals in India the subject of “Organizational Behavior” and connected topics and want to share some of my views about the human dimension while practicing main stream medicine. I see many healthcare professionals doing a great job in practicing very consciously and acknowledge many practitioners like nurses doing […]

Home Safety in Focus for National Family Caregivers Month

  by Spencer Blohm November is National Family Caregivers Month. Initiated by the Obama Administration in 2012, National Family Caregivers Month honors people who take care of adult relatives, be they adult children caring for aging parents or people caring for a disabled loved one. The month is also intended to call attention to the problems […]

A question for healthcare leaders & educators @ promoting ‘soft’ skills in staff?

Here’s the question: Would you utilize a  free online video library  of experiential learning activities that promote emotional intelligence, communication, team-building, and leadership skills in your staff? Please post your comments/questions here or via email:  beth@bethboynton.com and share the question w/ your colleagues. Here’s why I’m asking: Problems with ‘soft skills’ are at the root of many challenging issues in healthcare such […]

“Law & Order for Nurses” book giveaway! (11/25-11/30 Only)

Happy Thanksgiving from Nurse Attorney, Lorie Brown, RN, MN, JD Every year thousands of nurses are disciplined because they don’t understand the law. If you don’t want to become one of them you must learn how to protect yourself…but that’s easier said than done! But I have great news for you! Nurse-Attorney, Lorie Brown wrote […]

AHRQ IS Listening!

A few weeks ago I was preparing a webinar on the Deeper Work of Teaching Assertiveness for F.A. Davis Publishing.  In it I discussed some blindspots I’ve noticed in our solutions to date re: improving communication in healthcare.  I also included constructive quality improvement ideas to address them.  (The webinar is 30 min, on demand, and […]