Sleep Deprivation as a Social, Organizational and Healthcare Issue (Book Review)


Alan Derickson, Dangerously Sleepy: Overworked Americans and the Cult of Manly Wakefulness, Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania Press, 2014 The topic of this scholarly (a footnote for almost every paragraph) but well-written (not at all soporific!)  book gives an historical view of Americans’ neglect of sleep.  Sleep deprivation may be on very few lists of our […]

Budding Authors & Nurse Entreprenuers Seeking a User Friendly & Reliable Self-Publishing Company


Publishing is a mysterious business that appears simple until you delve into it.  If you are self-publishing a book you are probably excited by your topic and at some point will be considering how and with whom to publish.  You may have questions about editing, indexing, cover design, formatting, ISBN numbers, copyright and more. There are […]

Nurses! Check Out these Seven Reasons Why You Need a Cruise


Are you long on stress and short on vacation time? Do you need to be re-energized? Do you enjoy seeing beautiful parts of the Caribbean? Join us for an 8 day Eastern Caribbean Cruise on the elegant Royal Caribbean Ship, Freedom of the Seas from June 14-21, 2015. Seven Reasons Why You Need a Cruise […]

Interrelatedness of Patient & Staff Safety: Part I-Environment of Care Survey Process

Author: Randall B. Charpentier, HEM, President/Principal Consultant – HealthSafe New England The burden and cost of poor patient safety, a leading cause of death in the United States, has been well-documented and is now a major focus for most healthcare institutions. Less well-known is the elevated incidence of work-related injury and illness among healthcare workers […]

Why Teaching Nurses to Be Assertive for Patients AND Themselves is Essential for Safe Care and Cultures

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In an earlier post I highly recommended a TED Talk by Leilani Schweitzer, whose little boy, Gabriel’s heart stopped while hospitalized. All of the alarms that he was hooked up to off had been turned off by a nurse. Leilani is articulate and despite unimaginable emotional pain has found it in her heart to forgive […]

Holding space for tough conversations, like @ bullying leads to readiness, enthusiasm & commitment for positive change!

Not to long ago, I had the honor of joining a long list of highly respected speakers at the annual convention of Ambulatory Surgery Center Association in Dallas, TX!  My topic for a breakfast discussion was, “Dealing with Bullying in the Workplace”!  The turnout for this early morning conversation was wonderful!  I was expecting 10-20 ambulatory surgery […]

A Good-bye & Thank You to My Nurse and Nurse Assistant Colleagues in Direct Care

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Earlier this month I made the decision to resign from my per diem RN role in long-term care where I have worked for 4 and 1/2 years.  As my last day approaches, I am reflecting and feeling much gratitude for the nurses and nurses’ assistants I have worked with in caring for folks with dementia. […]