What is Depth Psychology?


by Kaitryn Wertz Depth psychology is an unique form of psychology that actually delves deeper into our beings by delving into our unconscious minds as well as our souls. Even though there are various therapies used to delve into our minds, the approaches and types of depth psychology different according to the psychologist’s own preferences. […]

My Voice: Lost and Found

broken conversation

Last winter I took a ‘Storytelling’ workshop with Pat Spaulding in the Winter of 2015.  I started out with a little story about working at a convenience store when I was a teenager. Little did I know that working on it would reveal a powerful message about my nursing career and speaking up.  I decided […]

Excellent TED Talk @ Sound Health in Hospitals w/ 1 Major Caution…


Julian Treasure’s recent TED Talk “Designing Healthcare with Sound in Mind” is an informative lecture about why and how to make hospitals acoustically supportive for healing.  I highly recommend the 13-14 min talk!  He starts out with a very prophetic quote from Florence Nightengale about the cruelty of unnecessary noise which I had never heard of but […]

The White House Addresses Aging: Is It Enough?


By Spencer Blohm The White House Addresses Aging: Is It Enough? On July 13th, President Obama hosted the White House Conference on Aging. This conference, which takes place once every decade, was an opportunity for members of government and those in the private sector to get together to discuss the challenges facing the growing number […]