Technology and the Future of Nursing

hospital technology

by Spencer Blohm Most of us are already familiar with the large changes wrought by modern technology in the fields of communications, entertainment and record-keeping. What many people don’t realize is that nursing is in the midst of a similar revolution: an incorporation of advanced equipment into a field that has traditionally been all about human […]

Celebrating Risk-taking in Medical Improv Promotes Assertiveness

ripple water drop

I had a great conversation yesterday with Keith Carlson, Kevin Ross, and Elizabeth Scala as their guest on RNFM Radio.  (It wasn’t live so sorry if you were tuning in at 3p but as soon as the recording is ready we’ll let you know).   It was very exciting to share some news about my new […]

Go Dr. Fitch! MD Rx that Highlights Value in Relationship!

starla fitch

Just watched “Connect or Die:  The Surprising Power of Human Relationships” a super 12 min TED Tx by Ocular Surgeon, Dr. Starla Fitch.  Want to be inspired by a physician who so obviously cares about her team and patients?  Want to be intrigued by some eye-doc metaphors for how we see each other or not?  Want to […]

Niagara University School of Nursing presents “Innovations in Education for Nurses”

patricia benner

Niagara University’s nursing department will host a daylong conference for nursing educators on Friday, Sept. 11. The event will take place 8 a.m.-5 p.m. in the Castellani Art Museum on the Niagara campus. in Education for Nurses will feature several nationally recognized experts in nursing innovation and education, including a keynote address by Dr. Patricia Benner, […]