Inspiring, Provocative & Gripping Novel-”Fatal Decision: Edith Cavell WWI Nurse”

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“Fatal Decision: Edith Cavell WWI Nurse” by Terri Arthur is truly one of the most compelling books I have ever read!  Arthur, a nurse herself, blends superb writing, meticulous research, nursing knowledge, and a desire to celebrate and honor the amazing life journey of British Nurse, Edith Cavell into an extremely engaging portrayal. How many […]

Why Teaching Nurses to Be Assertive for Patients AND Themselves is Essential for Safe Care and Cultures

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In an earlier post I highly recommended a TED Talk by Leilani Schweitzer, whose little boy, Gabriel’s heart stopped while hospitalized. All of the alarms that he was hooked up to off had been turned off by a nurse. Leilani is articulate and despite unimaginable emotional pain has found it in her heart to forgive […]

A Good-bye & Thank You to My Nurse and Nurse Assistant Colleagues in Direct Care

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Earlier this month I made the decision to resign from my per diem RN role in long-term care where I have worked for 4 and 1/2 years.  As my last day approaches, I am reflecting and feeling much gratitude for the nurses and nurses’ assistants I have worked with in caring for folks with dementia. […]

The Status Game is Killing Us. Literally.


Please read Suzanne Gordon’s recent newsletter article called: Status Trumps Safety!  It is very revealing.  Like her, I am outraged.  As a nurse, I’m not surprised.  Here are two key excerpts, but please take a few moments and read it before considering my thoughts: This very astute physician told me that SBAR was not used […]

An underutilized communication strategy to help any safety, quality, or culture change effort.


 ”What do you need in order to_____?”  Here’s the how and why leaders at all levels can use this very powerful question: First, the essence of this question can be a first step in building assertiveness.  Imbedded in it are presumptions that staff  have needs and they should be respected.  By the very nature of […]