I’ve never had a conversation with a senior leader that felt so honest and heartfelt!

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We are working so hard to provide safe and compassionate nursing care to all of our patients and sometimes it feels like we are working in systems that don’t support the highly skilled and loving care we are capable of giving and want to provide.  Many of us, including myself, experience frustrations and worry. Yet, I […]

3… 2…1…! “Getting Real in Healthcare” Webinar Series

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Improving communication and collaboration is key for patient safety.  I can  ask any group of healthcare professionals in any workshop to describe effective and respectful listening and speaking up and invariably they know the answers.  They know what it is supposed to look like,  why it is important, and what the barriers are!  So what’s missing? […]

A General Surgeon’s Perspective on the Importance of Offering Feedback w/ Respect to Nurse & Patient Safety

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by Ken Cohn, MD, MBA and CEO of Healthcare Collaboration Now that it is September, my curiosity increases. I think about one comment in Confident Voices, that nurses eat their young at birth. It makes me wonder as a general surgeon how a new nurse feels starting out, especially at night, where there is a steep […]

The First of Ten Questions We Can Ask Ourselves in Pursuit of the Ideal Healthcare Organization


In our quest for creating the ideal healthcare organization, we compiled a set of ten questions that can serve as benchmarks. Simply by asking such questions, all healthcare workers can contribute to improving the system. The first question on our list is “Are we providing patients with all and the right kind of healthcare they […]

Addendum re: Tomorrow’s Webinar & AHC Media Summer’s End Sale!

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Re: recent post 3…2…1…”Getting Real in Healthcare” Webinar series Revealing Flaws in Care Coordination: A CEO’s Undercover Experience! Earn Continuing Education and listen to a dynamic conversation with Lynn McVey, COO!  We’ll talk about staffing, safety, and care coordination! Want to save 20% Until the end of september! ADDENDUM!   Summer’s End Sale at AHC Media! […]