The American Nurse! An Inspiring Movie-Please See It When You Can


The American Nurse directed by Carolyn Jones,  produced by Lisa Frank, and inspired by Oncology Nurse,  Joanne Staha is an honest and gritty documentary about 5 nurses in various areas of practice throughout the USA. Naomi Cross:  Labor and Delivery, Jason Short:  Rural Home Care Tonia Faust:  Hospice Ward in Prison, Brian McMillion:  Military/VA and Sister Stephen Bloesl: […]

Medicare Talking Points! What Else Should We Know?


I think that improving Medicare may be our best strategy and am publishing short pieces to help celebrate it’s 49th anniversary this month!  I know it is not perfect and don’t pretend to be an expert on it.  Our system is so complicated, it is very hard to understand, even if you are a healthcare […]

Are Contented Patients the Best to Be Milked as We Juggle Our Making Money vs Improving Health Agendas?

woman and cow

One reads everywhere, even in these pages, that satisfied patients have better outcomes.  Indeed, health care leaders are hearing from all kinds of vendors and consultants how they need to improve patient satisfaction. But is it really true that “satisfied with treatment” means “in better health”?  Certainly there is plausibility in such a link: how […]

Why not every library, senior center, school, and many more institutions? A wonderful idea in motion!


by Meg Helgert, FNP This video is undoubtedly the single most important video and idea I’ve seen in a very long time. Many People talking, sharing and learning languages by simply conversing over miles and continents. What a super idea for our seniors to participate in and feeling a part of something so helpful, so […]