Meet Colleague & Friend, Brenda Sammy, A Nurse Who Went from Manager to Wellness Coach (aka a superb resource for help with weight loss and health goals!)

Brenda Sammy

I met Brenda at a National Nurses in Business Association (NNBA) and she has an inspiring story about leaving her work as a nurse manager and becoming a Wellness Coach.  She’s currently helping to launch a “Thin it to Win It” an online 6 week Health Challenge!  Brenda told me she loves being a Wellness Coach because she gets […]

An Old Lesson Is New Again


by –Terri Arthur, RN, BS, MS, Author of the book “Fatal Decision: Edith Cavell WWI Nurse” and the British edition “Fatal Destiny: Edith Cavell WWI nurse.” How does that saying go? Something about lessons not learned in the past are doomed to be repeated? It’s happened again. Two American journalists were executed by a group of terrorists trying […]

A liberating and inspiring poem for authors, artists, change agents, & maybe you!


My son, who is a Drama Teacher in India shared this poem with me via Skype recently.  It stopped me in my tracks!  I love it and thought I would share with my fellow bloggers, artists, speakers who are working to make healthcare safer, kinder, and more cost-effective.  It is from the book, “Dropping the […]

What is involved in a TJC Survey re: a risk assessment of the Environment of Care (EOC) and leadership’s role in optimizing results


by Randall B. Charpentier It is the responsibility of the facility to conduct a physical risk assessment of the physical environment to evaluate hazards and develop protective measures associated with various tasks performed in each environment within the hospital, off-site facilities and campus grounds. Facilities do this in preparation for TJC surveys of the environment of […]