Spice Up Your Healthcare Conference with a Medical Improv Intro Session


Get people connected and engaged! Not only is Medical Improv a fabulously fun way to decrease stress and teach people skills, it is a wonderful process for ice-breaking, warming-up, rejuvenating, and closing activities. 60-90 min sessions are adaptable! Pre-conference Keynote Breakout Endnote With a little collaboration, we can: Incorporate Continuing Education Promote your conference Work with small […]

Is there a Nurse in Your Life Who is Special? This Special? 7 reasons Why S/He Would Love a Ticket for this Cruise


Maybe this is the gift! They’re going to be shutting the doors for their Eastern Caribbean cruise June 14-21, 2015. Space is going fast but you still have time to purchase tickets and put them in a giftbox that will be never be forgotten! Only if  you think she or he would like to: Be sitting on a sun drenched […]

Improvisation as Humor Therapy, by the Author of “The Bakery Girls”

authorce sm

“Miss Ditlow, here is where you learn to improvise!” Said Mrs. Goodreau, holding out an empty pillow case. You see, I needed a pillow and there was a linen shortage. As a nursing student in a hospital run by Public Health Services, we stuffed pillows and invented other outlandish tools to care for patients. Later […]

Expert Testimony about # of Deaths, Medical Errors & Patient Safety in U.S.-Excerpt: Joanne Disch, PhD, RN , Professor ad Honorem University of Minnesota School of Nursing

joanne disch

On July 17th, 2014 the Senate Subcommittee on Primary Health and Aging held an important hearing on “Over 1000 Deaths Per Day is Too Many:  The Need to Improve Patient Safety“. Six experts testified and shared pdf. files of their reports including citations. To download all of the experts’ complete testimonies  or listen to the hearing go here. […]